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We Made A Decision to Be The Future of Outplacement

by Lori Dyne
March 6, 2019

For decades career transition support has looked pretty much the same. Career coaching, resume support, networking advice, and interview preparation were the standard protocol. Over the years, how providers delivered those services evolved, but the services themselves changed very little. The problem is that the job market changed a lot.

The 4th industrial revolution completely transformed what an effective job search looks like. Everyday companies transition employees out of their organizations that possess skills that are no longer relevant. That means that even with the best resume, the best career coaching, and the best interview preparation these individuals may not land in new opportunities because they don’t have the skills employers want and need.

Last year Optimum Talent made a choice to change. We made the decision to be the future of outplacement and career transition support, and we have done that by partnering with CareerJSM to launch Thrive.

Thrive is the first Career Wellness Platform. It has all the must-haves to conduct an effective job search like a resume builder, application tracker, and networking support but what makes it special is the marketplace.

Thrive’s marketplace is filled with career management services, but more importantly it makes upskilling and reskilling a key component of a job search by integrating with four different learning platforms so that every learning need can be met; regardless of the age or stage of the job seeker.

In the marketplace job seekers self-select the services that will be most impactful to them during their career transition. They can choose from services like mental health support with Inkblot Therapy, a MicroMasters through edX, financial advice on how to receive a severance package, or career coaching and resume support with Optimum Talent.

Two million Canadians will have their job impacted by automation over the next decade. Does your organization have a plan?

About Our Partner CareerJSM: Founded in 2014 CareerJSM is a global software company specializing in job-search software. CareerJSM has been used by over 80,000 users and enterprise clients across eight countries worldwide.

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