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The Key To Recruiting Executives In The Digital Age

Rigour, Depth + Customization
By:  Robert Racine, Vice President, Executive Search

Published in Les Affaires, special report on Headhunters, June 1, 2019

Essential in today’s world, social media networks help stimulate interaction and help facilitate research for a new professional challenge. Social media is an asset for a company looking to fill a position, but how can search experts identify the ideal person in this ocean of easily accessible candidates?

This challenge makes the role of the recruiter more important than ever. A good recruiter has the expertise to identify the ideal person from the numerous applications, by using the researching tools from online platforms. Afterward, the recruiter will push the search to another level taking advantage of its network of contacts and will then select the most suitable candidate for the position.

Despite all the digital communication tools we have access to today, nothing beats the traditional face-to-face meeting to get to know someone! We can identify the qualities of the candidates and then submit the best fit based on our client’s needs and manage risk associated with the hiring process. Our rigorous approach of listening, support and our in-depth discussions on expectations from the client and candidate allows us to present the “Cream of the Crop” to our clients.

To complete our recruitment process, Optimum Talent draws on the expertise of SuccessFinder, a behavioural assessment tool offering a level of precision that is unrivalled in the industry. Powered by sophisticated algorithms, it allows us to predict job satisfaction and success in a position with 80% or higher accuracy. Its technology and its advanced analysis tools give organizations information with maximum accuracy, allowing them to make the best decisions on hiring and talent management. SuccessFinder offers an unbiased picture of an individual’s preferences, motivators, and potential.

To quote Carolyn Hass, Director, Product Management, at SuccessFinder: “SuccessFinder gives individuals and organizations the chance to accomplish their full potential. Every time.”

At Optimum Talent, we offer solutions for executive search, leadership, assessment and development, and career transition and outplacement.