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Recruiting in the World of Private Equity

Private Equity (PE) plays an important role in the Canadian economy and business landscape. Over the last two decades, the industry has seen significant growth including new partnerships and fund formations. The industry peaked in 2007 with 247 transactions valued at $26.3 billion. Following the downturn, PE regained traction with the PE fund management industry overseeing a capital pool estimated by Thomson Reuters to be $105.4 billion at the end of 2012, with the largest portion ($87.7 billion or 83% of total assets) managed by 172 Canadian firms. As both PE firms and their investments have grown, so has their need for top talent. “When private equity firms invest in companies, in many ways they are often investing in people.”2 Due to the nature of their business, PE firms face unique recruiting needs, especially when it comes to their portfolio companies. Not only is there a requirement for qualified talent, there is a need for innovative, strategic candidates that can help add value and grow the business rapidly. “Private equity does not just provide capital and ideas – it harnesses business experience and insight in order to create value.” As such, there is a need to source the right talent that brings the right combination of experience, expertise and foresight.

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