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Prosper and Thrive in Today’s Economy

It is during tough times when you’ll see an organization’s real performance capabilities. The pressure today to generate results, satisfy shareholders and keep customers happy is intense and shines a spotlight on many organizational weaknesses.

During these tough times, top line revenue growth is just not possible in many industries. While most organizations find ways to cut costs, these are usually just short term cost avoidance efforts that don’t really change organizational performance. In fact, savings realized in one part of the business often just add costs somewhere else. In any case, the research in this area indicates that before long, cost savings are quickly passed on to customers in the form of lower prices. The net result is that many businesses find themselves treading water, waiting for the economy to rebound.

So the question we are being asked is “How can my organization thrive and prosper in these tough times?” Behind this question is a sense that we cannot get there by making incremental change; we need to make a step change in organizational effectiveness.

Our focus in this white paper is twofold. First, we will outline our prosperity recipe focusing on the best opportunities for significant improvement. We will talk frankly about why it is tough to make significant change to the practices that have become engrained in your business. Second, we will outline the leadership circumstance required to make a successful step change. But, be warned, these are not easy to do. If they were, every organization would be doing them!


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