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Leading In Difficult Times

Just as no two people are the same, no two leaders are the same. While different leaders possess different styles and beliefs, we know through decades of studies and research that there are certain characteristics that great leaders share. For that reason, it is important that leaders learn from their peers and past experiences. This is especially true when facing difficult times, such as an economic downturn, as particular approaches can help a leader successfully guide their business through turmoil.

Optimum Talent held a leadership event that included three panelists speaking about their experiences and insights when leading during difficult times. The
speakers were:

David LeMay CEO, Stuart Olson Inc

Mike Begin CEO, Spartan Controls

Jocelyn Bérard, National Practice Lead, Optimum Talent

From listening to these leaders and their colleagues in the room, we found that there are common methods that can be applied across various organizations and industries. In this white paper, we summarize the learning from this dialogue and share the ‘Four C’s’ that are critical to effectively leading in difficult times: Corporate Strategy, Communication, Culture and Cautious Optimism.

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