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On Leadership: Stimulating Innovation

Optimum Talent is a proud community producer for the series On Leadership that is being aired by Access7, a community programming station in Southern Saskatchewan. The following is based on thought leadership of our firm, as well as our local guest leader.

Innovation is a topic that is on the mind of many leaders today. The business world is constantly looking for new approaches to old problems, they are looking to develop, test and market products and services that are brand new to the marketplace in order to create competitive advantage. Whether it be a new technology or a new process that has changed the way you work, many companies today are looking to create “something new that has a positive impact, and changes things for the better.”

In On Leadership this week, our guest leader was John Lee, CEO of Communities of Tomorrow (“CT”) and he spoke to his experiences with “stimulating innovation” in the Saskatchewan community. John leads CT which is a ‘P3’ (public-private-partnership) with the mission of making Saskatchewan a global leader in the field of innovative sustainable municipal infrastructure. John spoke to the role CT plays in stimulating innovation solutions between these public-private partnerships to solve some of Saskatchewan’s infrastructure challenges. Essentially, CT is a capacity builder for innovative solutions. CT acts as the facilitator, connecting companies to capitalize on opportunities and create new and advanced ideas through collaborating with each-other’s knowledge and expertise to create innovative solutions to infrastructure challenges.

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