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Download Your Copy Now! The Essential Guide to Help you Champion the Talent Acquisition and Retention Pandemic

If you are not yet convinced about “The Great Resignation”, maybe this statistic will change your mind. According to a recent Microsoft survey, 41% of workers are thinking about quitting their job. That means that over the next year, nearly half of your employees may voluntarily turnover. If you factor in organizational changes due to restructuring or mergers this number could be even higher. It is undeniable that organizations and search professionals have a lot of work ahead of them.

The 2021 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey conducted by Gallagher indicates that 47% of canadian organizations are planning to increase their headcount within the next 12 months, which means the competition for top talent will be fierce.

To help organizations and leaders face this current phenomenon we’ve provided insight and actionable tips to develop integrated talent management strategies and implement plans to attract and retain top talent. Starting with the employee experience, we will explore efficient recruitment, talent mobility as well as benefits and compensation strategies to ensure engagement, performance and wellbeing amongst workers.


Gated content : The Essential Guide to Help you Champion the Talent Acquisition and Retention Pandemic

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