Career Transition:

If your employer has provided you with Career Transition Support through Gallagher, click here to get started.

Get Support With:
  • Career planning + assessment
  • Resume development + optimization
  • Creating your professional online profile
  • Networking training + events
  • Interview preparation

Career Transition Services Are A Smart Business Decision

Anyone who has ever been terminated from their position can vividly recall specific details of that day, even years later. People remember what their boss wore; what the weather was like; who was involved in the notification; how they felt and what it did to them. Termination makes a deep impact on a cognitive level that can be felt by everyone involved. Given this powerful and long-term impression, you can easily begin to see the benefits of providing a support program to help your exiting colleagues navigate their transition. Not only does it help the employee manage the emotional impact of their exit and set them up for success in their job search, but it is a smart business decision to guard against operational and brand risk both inside and outside your organization.

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