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Current Opportunities

Program Delivery Executive – Independent Electricity System Operator


The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) ensures the reliability of Ontario’s power system on behalf of all Ontarians. The IESO delivers key services across the electricity sector including; managing the power system in real-time, planning for the province’s future energy needs, enabling conservation and designing a more efficient electricity marketplace to support sector evolution.

As part of our unique and critical responsibilities, we work with stakeholders, government, Indigenous and other communities to provide an efficient supply of electricity when and where it is needed.

Our leadership, technical expertise and purposeful engagement across the sector also provide us with a unique opportunity to advance the development and implementation of energy policy that cost effectively enhances electricity system reliability.

We are a not-for-profit corporation with no financial stake in the industry. We have an independent Board of Directors and a dedicated, highly skilled workforce.

The IESO’s unique, challenging work environment attracts diverse, highly educated professionals from engineering, business, finance, economics, information technology, law and social sciences. Their employees are motivated by having a career in an organization that impacts, improves and benefits the lives of Ontarians.



Job Title: Program Delivery Executive

Reports to: Chief Operation Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Location: Mississauga Ontario



For more than a century, electricity has been an important element of Ontario prosperity. Inexpensive and plentiful hydro-electricity was a key driver of the development of Ontario as an industrial powerhouse in Canada. Ontario Hydro became a global leader in developing large coal and nuclear generation stations to support growing power demands. More recently, Ontario has transformed its generation fleet to a cleaner resource mix that has been 95+% emissions free.

Now is the time for the IESO to lead again and add significant value to Ontario – this time to refresh electricity market tools. To this end, the IESO is developing and implementing market designs to competitively acquire and schedule generators and other resources to balance electricity supply and demand. Market designs are implemented in a number of artifacts including:

  • market rules that codify the obligations and rights of electricity market participants and the IESO;
  • processes to be executed by the IESO and market participants;
  • IESO tools that optimize and select the most economic set of electricity supply resources;
  • IESO tools that calculate settlement amounts to be paid by electricity consumers and paid to electricity suppliers; and
  • associated documentation.

To successfully implement a market design, a number of critical factors must be satisfied including:

  • market participants must be educated about the principles and opportunities of market design changes, be provided the opportunity to comment on proposed designs, be able to assess the impact of market designs on their business process, be kept informed of project progress and implications and have sufficient time and information to implement changes to their business processes;
  • government must be kept informed of project progress;
  • extensive testing of market participant and IESO systems from factory acceptance testing thru to market trials must occur; and
  • changes may need to be made to some or all of the ~30,000 generator contracts that the IESO administers.

The IESO is replacing the foundational system that calculates electricity sector settlement amounts. It is also developing market designs for significant changes to the way the IESO schedules and dispatches energy in real-time and the way it acquires capacity. As IESO moved through the high level design phase of the Energy and Capacity streams and the creation of the scope for the Replacement of the Settlement System (RSS), it became evident that there needed to be a higher level of governance to ensure the successful delivery of all three streams of work.

As a result, it was decided to have all three streams roll into a Program to be led by a Program Delivery Executive.

The RSS project will be replacing the current Commercial Reconciliation System with a rules-based calculation engine and bring in various settlement processes from across the company.

The Energy stream will replace three key dispatch and scheduling calculation engines. The prices and schedules created by these calculation engines will be delivered to the Settlement processes to calculate settlement statements. The Incremental Capacity Auction will also calculate market results that will be sent to the Settlement engine.

The IESO is currently seeking an experienced Program Delivery Executive to join their team on a 4 year term with the potential for a 1-year extension. As they move through the streams of work, they have recognized the requirement for a higher level of governance to ensure success and need a uniquely skilled individual in the position to lead all three streams. The Program Delivery Executive will report to both the Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Financial Officer.


Key Accountabilities

  • Responsible for delivering all components of the MRP on time and on budget.
  • Developing the master plan for the program’s delivery with an enterprise wide approach.
  • Work closely with the Leads from each stream and review the current work team structure for each component of the Program and develop and implement an effective team structure to deliver on each component.
  • Develop and execute a resourcing plan to deliver the Program taking into account any potential transitions during each of the different phases of the Program delivery.
  • Collaborate with IESO’s enterprise-wide functional areas to develop and execute a resourcing plan to deliver the necessary outcomes of the Program.
  • Work with Enterprise Risk Management team to ensure effective risk assessment and development of mitigation solutions are in place for each component of the Program.
  • Review, develop and deliver a suite of reporting artifacts relevant for each stakeholder group including Stakeholder Advisory Council (SAC), Steering Committee and the Board of Directors.
  • Develop a decision-making framework so that the correct decisions are made at the appropriate level in the governance structure.



The successful candidate will have the following:


  • MBA or other business-related experience along with PMP


  • Over 15 years of leading project management of highly complex and technical projects delivering them on time and on budget.
  • Demonstrated experience in developing and implementing a governance framework and external ecosystem of Stakeholders, Steering Committees, Board Committee(s), Board and the Executive Leadership team.
  • Demonstrated success in managing a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Experience working at an equivalent senior leadership level in a professional services or complex commercial environment.

Competencies and Attributes

  • Has the executive savvy to gain credibility with the senior leadership team to understand enterprise wide interdependencies with the Program and to ensure delivery of cross functional commitments.
  • Excellent communication, negotiation, financial management, people management, risk management and change management skills.
  • Results orientated, a strong work ethic with a strong ability to influence without authority.
  • Exceptional ability to build strong respectful relationships and communicate effectively and persuasively with different stakeholders.
  • Able to work through complex projects from a strategic and executional level .
  • Able to work in conjunction with various leaders in order to move overall project forward while ensuring the integrity of each individual stream.
  • Work effectively with various teams and delivery enterprise wide deliverables.
  • Effectively assess risk, along with big picture thinking.
  • Have a passion for innovation and change while holding a service-driven values.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume in Word or PDF format to: Copy and Paste the following job title and code and place it in the subject line of your email so we can identify the job and confirm receipt of your application:
ATOO-864678 Program Delivery Executive – Independent Electricity System Operator - ON - Toronto and GTA (OTIAPPLY)

Please note that only those candidates meeting the selection criteria, established by our client, will be contacted further. Although we may not contact you directly for this particular role, all applications will be reviewed as we would like to consider you for future opportunities that may be appropriate. We encourage you to continue to visit our website at as our opportunities are updated on a regular basis.