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Current Opportunities

President – Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency


Saskatchewan is the first province in Canada to establish a more integrated and streamlined approach to wildfire and critical emergency management services to our citizens.  In response to an increase in the frequency and severity of natural and man-made disaster events (e.g., wildfires) impacting municipal, First Nation and Métis communities, a bold new approach is required for the coordination of provincial resources to ensure the safety of Saskatchewan citizens and visitors.  This approach will build on the existing strengths of emergency response services, and collaborative relationships with First Nation and Métis communities, municipalities and others.

To that end, the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency (SPSA) was created as a Treasury Board Crown in 2017. It held an initial focus on emergency communications including the provincial 911 system, and in 2019, the SPSA’s mandate was expanded to include the wildfire management functions from the Ministry of Environment, as well as the emergency management and fire safety functions from the Ministry of Government Relations.  Once these functions and existing staff are amalgamated into the SPSA, the Agency resource scope will include approximately 380 full-time positions and a budget of more than $75 million.

The SPSA’s purpose is to provide enhanced wildfire management, emergency communication and response services for all Saskatchewan residents, and to recast the delivery of each of these services in the province. The SPSA provides opportunity for a more streamlined approach to wildfire management and emergency services, creating a centralized, fast-acting public safety entity for government. This will enhance the province’s ability to meet future emergency needs.

The SPSA objectives include:

  • the development, implementation and operation of emergency services, including Sask911;
  • to plan, manage, deliver, co-ordinate and prioritize wildfire management, emergency public safety and protective services as needed, including information technology, programs, services, infrastructure and support services;
  • to identify and advise on key issues, opportunities and planning options relating to emergency public safety services;
  • to work effectively with First Nation, Métis communities, municipalities, industry and others;
  • to promote, undertake and co-ordinate research, data collection, investigations, surveys, studies, programs and activities relating to wildfire management as well as other emergencies, disasters and public safety services in the province of Saskatchewan;
  • to store and manage records of all emergencies to which an emergency service provider in Saskatchewan responded, including the cause, origin and circumstances of each emergency and other information respecting each response that the Agency considers appropriate;
  • to acquire, develop, manage or otherwise improve assets and infrastructure as required to deliver effective wildfire management and emergency public safety services.

The SPSA is governed by a board of directors, comprised of four government Ministers.



Job Title: President

Reports to: Board of Directors

Direct Reports: Organizational structure will be determined in the near future, we are anticipating over sight of Vice Presidents and Executive Directors

Location: Regina, with significant operations in Northern Saskatchewan



The President of the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency (SPSA) is appointed by and reports to the Board of Directors.  The President will lead a unique and first of its kind agency created from the amalgamation of emergency response and wildfire management branches/divisions. The successful candidate will have the unique opportunity to truly influence the direction and success of an agency in its infancy. Recognizing the need to improve communications, interdepartmental collaboration, and stakeholder engagement in response to the increased frequency and severity of natural disasters, Saskatchewan will be the first province in Canada to undertake an initiative of this magnitude.

The President is primarily responsible for the implementation of Board policies; strategy development in support of the strategic direction set by the Board; overseeing the general operations of the Agency and ensuring the goals, objectives and direction of the Board are met.

Key Accountabilities

  • Enable healthy, effective governance with the Board.
    • Inform, advise and recommend policies and strategies that enhances public safety;
    • Implement Board decisions and directions through effective leadership of Agency staff and all other collaborators; and
    • Inform the Board in relation to opportunities, risks and issues that can/will impact the Agency.
  • Strategic, effective managerial leadership to Agency staff.
    • Provide clarity of vision and goals that align and inspire staff and support direction from the Board;
    • Orchestrate the amalgamation of discrete entities with unique operating cultures into a formidable, highly effective and highly regarded public safety Agency;
    • Develop and nurture an accountable, high-performing culture, as well as engage and enable staff through fair and effective human resource management;
    • Lead the team in the development of effective, efficient administrative and operating systems and processes that enable excellent service delivery to citizens; and
    • Adopt enterprise risk management best-practice approaches towards safety, operational, financial, organizational, reputation and compliance control environments.
  • Develop and execute relevant, responsive programs and services that are effective, forward-thinking, collaboratively shaped and highly regarded among Saskatchewan First Nation and Métis communities, municipalities and other key partners.
    • Co-ordinate the development and delivery of programs and services that, in alignment with Board direction, support and promote safe communities and ensure communities are prepared for disasters and emergencies;
    • Identify and implement appropriate performance measures that help to report on Agency progress, performance and impact;
    • Ensure collaborative program and service development, resulting in positive affinity toward and support for the Agency among First Nation, municipalities and other clientele; and
    • Through strategic foresight, identify and capitalize on technological, regulatory and economic opportunities, among others.
  • Establish effective strategic and operational relationships and networks.
    • Co-ordinate and mobilize government, First Nation, Métis communities, municipalities and other non-government organizations to ensure Saskatchewan communities are safe, well-prepared and protected during emergency response;
    • Establish and maintain collaborative relationships with provincial and federal government ministries, agencies and crowns addressing shared issues and challenges; and
    • Seek out and work effectively with Indigenous peoples, municipal stakeholders and others as required.


Opportunities and Challenges

  • Lead the expansion of the Agency, while building a shared vision and strategy that align with the priorities and inspire internal and external stakeholders alike.
  • Integrate strong, effective organization units from the ministries of Government Relations and Environment into one unified, engaged, high-performing team.
  • Build greater understanding of anticipated intensity and frequency of environmental disasters and proactive strategies for supporting safe, resilient communities.
  • In collaboration with key stakeholders, establish better understanding of measures for preventative and response program impacts.
  • Establish a visible, credible, recognizable and trusted Agency brand among Saskatchewan people.



  • Experience the richness and diversity of Saskatchewan’s environment, economy, people and cultures;
    • The SPSA is currently headquartered in Regina. Additional offices and dispatch centres are located around Saskatchewan, including in Saskatoon and Prince Albert, in addition to various fire bases across the province.
  • Bring to life a bold new approach to wildfire and emergency management and response in our province;
  • Build the first public safety agency of its kind in Canada, inspiring employees, partners and stakeholders to move down a path that sets a high standard for others;
  • Integrate and inspire operational and administrative teams who share a high degree of passion and commitment to keeping Saskatchewan citizens safe; and
  • Have a strong, positive impact on the public safety for all Saskatchewan citizens.



Success in the first year will be determined by the candidate’s ability to:

  • Effectively communicate the Agency ‘why’ and ‘what’, building greater understanding internally and externally, while making progress on the ‘how’;
  • Establish teams and show progress on business and operational integration, including people and culture;
  • Address key issues through the bold approach that inspired the Agency formation, while ensuring that public safety in Saskatchewan is ahead of the curve, relative to other provinces;
  • Build a shared understanding with the Board, making decisions consistent with the Agency mission and strategy;
  • Keep the Board well informed, while good governance practices are evolving;
  • Work to build strong relationships with First Nation and Métis communities and municipal partners to encourage a mutually beneficial relationship; and
  • Create confidence and raise the perception of the Agency as a strong organization with stakeholders.



The successful candidate will have the following:


  • Senior executive leadership experience with strong understanding and appreciation of the issues, challenges and opportunities involved in the management of public safety, wildfire management and/or emergency and disaster planning.
  • A leader who has led integration efforts in multiple organizations, and inspired staff to share their talents with each other in pursuit of a common purpose and compelling vision.
  • A leader who values and is known to model a commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • An authentic leader who has entered into rich, meaningful conversations and enhanced working partnerships with First Nation and Métis leaders and their communities.
  • Has built collaborative partnerships and inspired internal and external groups of people through multi-year change through sustained focus and impact.
  • Proven ability to collaborate and partner with a wide variety of stakeholders, in order to balance their needs and interests.
  • Able to engage people, and gain commitment to sea-change, while sustaining the energy that it takes to drive a bold set of initiatives
  • Executive who has guided others in the development of policies, processes, procedures and programs that align with Board accountability standards and exceed performance expectations.
  • An effective executive who has a track record achieving results and has successfully led organizations with a unionized workforce.


  • Graduate-level degree in business, public administration, environmental disciplines, wildfire/emergency management, or equivalent, is an asset.
  • Advanced technical or operational education that is relevant to the Agency purpose is also an asset.

Competencies and Attributes

  • Drives achievement
  • Initiates independently
  • Builds bridges, brings people together and builds co-operative working relationships that achieve results; an influencer
  • Diplomatic
  • Open, honest, authentic leader
  • Empathetic to the needs of the citizen, customers and stakeholders
  • Seeks Innovation
  • Strategic mind-set, inspires others and give them confidence to stretch, grow and change
  • Understands risk tolerance and appetite, and is able to manage risk in face of volatility, uncertainty, change and adversity
  • Demonstrates energetic enthusiasm
  • Excellent communicator, oral (small and large group) and written (formal and informal)
  • Leads decisively

Our client is committed to workplace diversity.

Preference will be given to qualified equity group members who self-declare.



An excellent compensation package awaits the successful candidate.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume in Word or PDF format to: Copy and Paste the following job title and code and place it in the subject line of your email so we can identify the job and confirm receipt of your application:
AVIX-445614 President – Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency - SKSK - Regina (OTIAPPLY)

Please note that only those candidates meeting the selection criteria, established by our client, will be contacted further. Although we may not contact you directly for this particular role, all applications will be reviewed as we would like to consider you for future opportunities that may be appropriate. We encourage you to continue to visit our website at as our opportunities are updated on a regular basis.