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Current Opportunities

President and Chief Executive Officer | SaskEnergy

The Organization

SaskEnergy Incorporated (SaskEnergy or the Corporation) is a Saskatchewan Crown Corporation governed by The SaskEnergy Act. It is a designated subsidiary of Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan (CIC). CIC is also a Crown corporation, and effectively operates as the Province’s holding company for commercial Crown corporations (such as SaskPower, SaskTel and SGI) and various commercial investments. SaskEnergy’s corporate structure includes four wholly owned subsidiaries and one indirect wholly owned operating subsidiary.

SaskEnergy’s main business is the natural gas distribution utility. SaskEnergy owns and operates the distribution utility, which has the exclusive legislated franchise to distribute natural gas within the province of Saskatchewan.  The Provincial Cabinet regulates SaskEnergy’s delivery service and commodity rates. All rate changes are subject to review by the Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel, an independent body, prior to receiving Provincial Cabinet approval.

Vision: Environmental Sustainability and Economic Prosperity for Future Generations

Corporate Vision: Providing critical energy for a greener Saskatchewan and reducing our emissions from operations by 35 per cent by 2030.

Mission: SaskEnergy delivers natural gas and energy solutions responsibly to the residents, businesses and industries of Saskatchewan.

Values: Safety / Spirit / Integrity / Relationships / Stewardship

Strategic Imperatives (Based on Customer Value): Safety / Reliability / Ease of Service / Affordability / Environment

Recently, SaskEnergy was named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers!

For further information about SaskEnergy, please visit their website at


The Opportunity

Reports to:Board of Directors
Direct Reports:9
Indirect Reports:Approximately 1100
Location:Regina, SK



The President and Chief Executive Officer is responsible for providing leadership, vision, and direction to the organization regarding all aspects of corporate operations, with the goal of growing and enhancing profitable business opportunities. The President and Chief Executive Officer is accountable to the Board of Directors to ensure SaskEnergy meets financial, operational, regulatory, and growth goals while ensuring ongoing safety and reliable energy services. This position is responsible for establishing short-term and long-term strategic direction, objectives, plans, and policies, subject to approval from the Board of Directors.


Key Accountabilities

The position will include the following responsibilities:

Governance Interface:

  • Ensure the Board of Directors are provided the information and support required to be effective in their role;
  • Proactive, timely, open and transparent communication to the Board of Directors, Crown Investments Corporation, and the Minister responsible for SaskEnergy; and
  • Alignment of SaskEnergy’s strategic priorities to the government Growth Plan and Crown Investments Corporation priorities.

Strategic Leadership:

  • Collaboratively, show foresight and initiative to think strategically about the natural gas industry, energy transition, implications for Saskatchewan and for how SaskEnergy serves citizens, commercial and industrial customers;
  • Establish critical service, operations, and productivity criteria, ensuring ongoing commitment to customer service by continually measuring and assessing customer feedback;
  • Accountable for developing and executing a customer service strategy that will achieve excellence in service delivery as benchmarked with best practices;
  • Lead the Corporation toward achieving Business Plan objectives by continually reviewing results of business operations with the Executive, and ensuring appropriate and timely steps are taken to capitalize opportunities;
  • Ensure that operations meet regulatory, government, and corporate regulations and policies, ensuring standards of ethics and safety are adhered to;
  • Provide effective management and leadership of corporate activities to ensure safe, reliable services to customers; and
  • Operate a natural gas delivery system that meets customer expectations and exceeds the industry standard for public safety and reliability, while progressively mitigating environmental impact.

People Leadership:

  • Promote and ensure that SaskEnergy’s values reflect the culture and commitment of the Corporation’s vision;
  • Establish, communicate, and champion a corporate value system, building employee commitment by fostering an environment that encourages and supports employee wellness;
  • Develop a highly skilled and technically sound Executive team that is empowered to operate and manage capital and human assets;
  • Provide performance feedback to the Executive team, assuring that appropriate developmental measures are taken for succession management purposes;
  • Provide a total rewards strategy that recognizes market value, diversity, and employee performance and development; and
  • Provides ongoing leadership and direction in the pursuit of excellence in health, safety, and environmental practices, guaranteeing that the Corporation’s standards benchmark favorably against industry standards.

Achieving Growth:

  • Establish the strategic direction for the development and growth of new profitable business opportunities that align with SaskEnergy’s vision;
  • Responsible for the ongoing development and assessment of the strategic direction, and preparing and presenting plans to the Board of Directors for general review and approval;
  • Develop business proposals that will enable SaskEnergy to leverage core business competencies while contributing to overall corporate profitability;
  • Plan and direct all negotiations pertaining to mergers, partnerships, joint ventures and the acquisition or investment in other businesses or major assets; and
  • Maintain a continual awareness of new trends and developments in the natural gas industry, in order to identify potential opportunities for profitable expansion of corporate operations and to facilitate prompt assessment of issues.

Creating Value:

  • Provide strategic reviews of corporate performance on a regular basis and initiate adjustments to short and long-term planning based on the objective of maintaining a competitive position of fair, competitive and stable rates;
  • Analyze results relative to established Business Plan objectives and take appropriate steps to correct unsatisfactory conditions;
  • Review activity reports and financial statements to determine progress and status in achieving objectives, and revise objectives and plans in accordance with current conditions;
  • Identify potential opportunities for efficiency gains in order to mitigate rate changes;
  • Maintain and enhance corporate external relations with shareholders, business, professional, industry and community groups;
  • Develop action plans to ensure industry comparable returns for the shareholder are achieved;
  • Ensure that Crown Investments Corporation and relevant officials are informed of all activities and issues that may impact on Government activities or interests; and
  • Establish internal control systems to safeguard the Corporation’s resources and assets while managing the principal risks to the Corporation’s business.


Opportunities and Challenges

  • Lead an effective response to the competitive industry pressures, uncertain economic conditions, workforce demographic shifts and environmental regulations while continuing to add value to customers and create value for the Province of Saskatchewan;
  • Continue the commitment to public and employee safety;
  • Focus capital investments that ensure system and infrastructure integrity while enabling timely cost-effective service delivery;
  • Implement financial strategies and business innovations that counterbalance the challenge of generating profitable revenue within the sustained low and flat commodity price environment;
  • Model collaboration; partnering to optimize resources, working to develop solutions that will improve efficiency and service quality of Crown services and programs;
  • Provide leadership that positively impacts the pride of SaskEnergy employees in their work and the prosperity of communities across Saskatchewan in which they live and work; and
  • Set a ‘tone at the top’ that honors the best of SaskEnergy’s past and present while building enthusiasm and commitment among employees and partners to a successful future.



  • Lead a Crown corporation that is foundational to Saskatchewan’s growth strategy and future prosperity;
  • Grow your career and build your reputation as someone who can successfully lead change within a complex, dynamic environment;
  • Experience the quality of life and work-family balance that helps make Saskatchewan special;
  • Lead an organization that is known as a nimble, flexible and adaptable culture and business model; and
  • Create opportunity for growth among employees, partners, customers and Saskatchewan communities.


First Year Deliverables / Measures of Success

Success in the first year will be determined by the candidate’s ability to:

  • Establish strong working relationships with the SaskEnergy Board of Directors, the senior executive leadership team, employees, business partners, and contractors, the bargaining units and employees of the organization, including the Minister responsible and Crown Investments Corporation;
  • Integrate well into the organization by being a CEO that is a visible leader at all levels of the organization who fosters strong relationships, encouraging open communication, feedback, and recognition; and
  • Above all else, consistently demonstrate a commitment to delivering on public and employee safety while building on the efforts as it relates to providing effective and timely service delivery.


Candidate Profile

The successful candidate will have the following:


  • Degree and/or graduate degree, supplemented with several years of experience in senior executive roles.


  • Knowledge of the natural gas industry, including global factors that impact Saskatchewan, is required;
  • Ability to lead an executive leadership team focused on providing a supportive, innovative work environment;
  • Excellent oral, written and group communication skills;
  • Proven collaborator with superior interpersonal skills to establish and enhance relationships with the board, government, other Crowns and stakeholders including customers, partners, business groups and the community at large;
  • Strategic thinker with demonstrated ability to manage complex issues in a dynamic environment;
  • Excellent negotiator and problem solver who exhibits sound decision-making and judgment abilities in recommending customer focused business solutions; and
  • Demonstrated ability to lead change, understanding the impacts of the change and mitigating these through effective change implementation.

Competencies and Attributes:

Business Solutions – Directs the Organization:

  • Proven collaborator who contributes to and solicits participation of others in innovation / problem-solving in an appropriate and constructive manner.
  • Demonstrates a deep understanding of business issues, compliance requirements and governance processes, working with others to implement functional and departmental strategies;
  • Creates and promotes new business opportunities based on a comprehensive understanding of financial implications, while leveraging the organization’s competencies to create a competitive advantage; and
  • Takes action to support communities, protect the environment and improve the governance and financial health of our organization to achieve long-term sustainability.

Communication Skills – Influences Others in the Communication Process:

  • Works to build a cross functional approach between work areas to increase the understanding between work units and projects; and
  • Persuades, convinces, or influences others, in a respectful manner, to change their viewpoint or accept the desired course of action.

Importance of Customer – Uses a Long-Term Perspective and Engages Team:

  • Acts as a trusted advisor; becomes involved in customer’s decision-making process by investigating and learning their individual needs to influence direction; and
  • Constructs an individual assessment of a client’s needs and/or problems, and involves a team or different groups to implement new and alternative approaches for those requested by the customer.

Effective Change Leader:

  • Stewarding the organization as its workforce evolves through a demographic shift: including knowledge capture of loyal long-serving employees’ insights; while encouraging a new diverse cohort of team members committed to ensuring Saskatchewan citizens’ quality of life continues through SaskEnergy’s products and services.
  • Leads and manages the people side of change by building commitment and trust from employees; and clearly defines and communicates new measures and expectations for performance, providing ongoing support and coaching.

Results – Leads Multiple Initiatives:

  • Identifies problems and tests solutions to achieve the best outcome; and
  • Assembles and holds team to high standards of performance in relation to both ‘what’ is achieved and ‘how’ it is achieved.

Teamwork – Leads High Performance Teams:

  • Provides leadership by promoting efficiency, providing motivation and making sure everyone is working collaboratively; and
  • Holds others to account in situations of conflict, bringing problems within the team into the open and encouraging or facilitating a beneficial resolution.


Equal Opportunity

SaskEnergy is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion and recognizes that a diverse team benefits and is essential to service excellence. SaskEnergy welcomes applications from all qualified individuals and encourage women, members of racialized communities, indigenous persons, persons with disabilities, and persons of any sexual orientation or gender identity to confidentially self-identify at time of application.  In accordance with the provincial legislation, accommodation will be provided by Gallagher and SaskEnergy throughout the recruitment, selection and/or assessment process, upon request, to applicants with disabilities. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.


The Compensation

The President’s pay and benefits package in combination with this opportunity – to advance the mission and vision of SaskEnergy for the benefit of the people of Saskatchewan- will be attractive to the right leader.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume in Word or PDF format to: Copy and Paste the following job title and code and place it in the subject line of your email so we can identify the job and confirm receipt of your application:
ACPQ-101255 President and Chief Executive Officer | SaskEnergy - SK - Regina (OTIAPPLY)

Please note that only those candidates meeting the selection criteria, established by our client, will be contacted further. Although we may not contact you directly for this particular role, all applications will be reviewed as we would like to consider you for future opportunities that may be appropriate. We encourage you to continue to visit our website at as our opportunities are updated on a regular basis.