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Current Opportunities

General Manager – NAMCO Machine & Gear Works Ltd.


NAMCO Machine & Gear Works Ltd. (“NAMCO”) is an Edmonton based, family owned organization.  Through dedication, hard work, and prudent financial planning, NAMCO has grown to become an industry leader in the mechanical power transmission world.

NAMCO was founded in 1976 to meet the demand for higher quality and faster deliveries of precision machined powertrain and gear components and products. NAMCO’s depth of experience and extensive general machining capabilities combined with in house professional engineering services allows them to be an industry leader in a variety of market segments. Maintaining strong personal relationships and delivering excellent customer satisfaction has been key to their long-term growth and success.  NAMCO’s original facility was 2,200 square feet and today they occupy over 60,000 square feet.

NAMCO has been committed to excellence in manufacturing for over 44 years, and intends to carry on its commitment to quality, innovation, honesty, and growth well into the future. The team’s dedication to NAMCO’s vision, coupled with its business, machining, gearing, and engineering expertise, ensures that NAMCO’s customers receive quality products and outstanding, ethical service. The entire management team is dedicated to these values and committed to building the best products and relationships in the industry.



NAMCO’s mission is to be a technologically advanced engineering and manufacturing company, that builds the best possible quality geared products, and to be the vendor of choice for all mechanical power transmission needs of our clients and target customers.



  • To create measurable results for clients by applying only the most innovative production methods; and
  • To be a dynamic, client focused organization oriented towards growth and recognized for excellence.


  • Uphold the highest ethical standards in our interactions with each other and with our customers, suppliers, partners, and the community;
  • Provide recognition and reward based upon ideas, contributions and efforts that create a positive impact in our manufacturing and assembly processes;
  • Maintain a working environment that is positively energized, safe and clean; and
  • Commit to on-going progressive learning, technological advancement and fiscally responsible growth so that we may continue to improve upon our traditions of quality and innovation.

For more information on NAMCO, please visit:



Job Title:General Manager
Reports to:2: President and the Vice President
Direct Reports:


4: Engineering Manager; Production Manager; Quality Control Manager; and Sales Manager
Indirect Reports:50-75
Location:Edmonton, Alberta



NAMCO is seeking a General Manager who has a passion for their industry and will be a long term and loyal leader. The General Manager reports directly to both the President and the Vice President and is an integral member of the leadership team. The successful candidate will be responsible for leading initiatives to generate and engage business partners in growing new business for NAMCO and articulating a strong vision for long term success.

The General Manager will promote and assist a high performing team and support the continued growth and development of NAMCO’s vision. The successful candidate will demonstrate loyalty and commitment to the team as well as operational and business development expertise. The ideal candidate will provide leadership and set a clear vision and expectations to ensure excellence throughout the entire business cycle from the first point of customer contact to final delivery of the product.


Key Accountabilities

Strategic Leadership:

  • In collaboration with the President and the Vice President, create and articulate a strong vision for the future, clearly communicating vision and goals to leadership, employees and customers;
  • Communicate clearly and deliver effective presentations to employees, the leadership team and NAMCO customers;
  • Analyze existing internal systems of control identifying opportunities for enhancements, implementing new systems (ie. business management, planning, financial etc.) as needed to ensure NAMCO’s long term viability and success;
  • As a senior leader in the organization, provide support to sales operations by being corporate ambassador of NAMCO to industry, customers and suppliers;
  • Maintain and strengthen existing business relationships with customers and suppliers; and
  • Create and analyze key performance indicators on an ongoing bases to determine and track performance and measure success.


Operational Leadership:

  • Manage NAMCO’s production, engineering, fabrication, sales and quality control operations ensuring efficiency and high levels of production and engineering;
  • Demonstrate strong data analysis skills, implementing dashboards/systems as necessary to monitor operations and processes to help identify and execute on opportunities for continuous improvement (efficiency);
  • In collaboration with both the President and Vice President implement financial plans with the view of continually improving NAMCO’s growth;
  • Demonstrate critical thinking in executing operational strategies;
  • Ensure that all operating activities focus on providing value to the customer; and
  • Responsible for the development and implementation of operational procedures, policies and standards.


People Leadership:

  • Provides human resources leadership and guidance to managers and employees of NAMCO as it relates to hiring, training, development and employee accountability;
  • Ensure role clarity is well defined and colleague have access to tools, resources and support needed to be successful in their roles;
  • Foster an environment that empowers employees to share ideas, promote innovation and rewards contribution to NAMCO’s success
  • Champion and model NAMCO’s mission, vision and values; and
  • Demonstrates and inspires exceptional work ethic and collaboration.



  • Employees have a strong work ethic and take pride in being the best in their industry;
  • NAMCO retains its’ employees for an average of 15 years or more – this long-term retention of staff allows them to be confident in each and every product and component that leaves their facility;
  • NAMCO is in a strong position to continue carrying on its track record of success and growth;
  • NAMCO recognizes and rewards employee ideas, contributions and efforts that create a positive impact in their manufacturing and assembly processes;
  • NAMCO upholds the highest ethical standards in their interactions with each other and with customers, suppliers, partners, and the community; and
  • Recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies.



Success in the first year will be determined by the candidate’s ability to:

  • Build trusting, open, collaborative and respectful relationships throughout the organization with employees, management, suppliers, partners and customers;
  • Conduct comprehensive analysis of business to:
    • identify opportunities to for increased efficiency;
    • enhance business management systems to identify opportunities for continuous improvement; and
    • Ensure roles are clearly defined and support systems and resources are in place to ensure success of all employees;
  • Identify areas to increase production and lower operational risks by forecasting future challenges;
  • Oversee the development an effective business development strategy and sales action plan to grow to customer base;
  • Identify new applications for products and services within existing customer base and to grow into new industry and market segments; and
  • Demonstrate commitment to NAMCO and it’s employees by participating hands-on with floor operations.



The successful candidate will have the following:


  • Eng in Mechanical Engineering or Industrial Engineering; and
  • MBA with specific focus in Operations, Entrepreneurship or Business Systems.


  • Minimum of 15 years’ experience in a senior operational role in a relevant industry (manufacturing, fabrication etc.);
  • Proven ability to develop and execute operational strategies;
  • Track record of success building customer relationships, increasing sales and building partnerships;
  • Track record of success implementing lean manufacturing and continuous improvement principles;
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and action strategic plans and corresponding measure of success (ie. KPI development);
  • Demonstrated financial acumen to analyze balance sheet and adjust forecast and budget as needed to achieve business objectives;
  • Hands-on-experience overseeing internal controls, turnaround efforts, and risk management;
  • Track record of success identifying new opportunities for business growth through the effective use of market intelligence and market trend analysis; and
  • Experience working in a gear box or manufacturing facility, a definite asset.


Competencies and Attributes

  • Strategic Leadership: Fosters the development of a common vision providing clear direction, establishing priorities and clarifying roles and responsibilities. Sets the tone for the NAMCO’s culture and ensures succession in management and leadership.
  • Strategic Planning: Develops short and long-range plans that are comprehensive, creative, realistic and effective in meeting goals and objectives, and integrates planning efforts across functions.
  • Business and Financial Acumen: Understands key business fundamentals, understands the drivers of financial health and accountability of the company and takes responsibility to maintain its ongoing fiscal soundness.
  • Communication: Communicates effectively with all levels of the organization. Open to receiving constructive feedback and willing to engage in robust healthy discussion to foster the spirit of continuous improvement.
  • Critical Thinking: Makes strong decisions using analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Customer Focus: Being successful means continuously paying attention to customer needs and adapting as these evolve. Builds strong customer relationships and delivers customer centric solutions.
  • Drives Results: Infuses the team and organization with a sense of urgency. Fosters a culture where organizational performance is top of mind. Communicates a clear vision, setting priorities, developing and executing plans that achieve the desired outcome for NAMCO.
  • Respectful & Effective Leadership: Ability to communicate with and effectively interact with people across cultures, creating a respectful workplace environment. Demonstrates patience in leading all personalities. Fosters a respectful culture of accountability.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: An attitude and approach to thinking is to actively seek out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change. Mindset where you ask critical questions, innovate and want continuous improvement. Treats business like your own.
  • Commitment: Demonstrates a personal commitment and investment in NAMCO with an attitude of sincere and dedicated focus.
  • Forward Strategic Thinker: Stays abreast of the best practices, new trends and technology to provide strategic direction and make informed recommendations.
  • Strong Leadership: Provides the coaching, support, encouragement and direction required to engage and empower employees in the accomplishment of personal, departmental, and organizational goals and objectives. Models positive leadership behaviors and maintains professionalism under pressure and uncertainty. Provides timely feedback and guidance to employees, ensuring their development and success is supported.
  • Relationship Builder: Ability to identify and initiate working relationships and to develop and maintain them in a way that is of mutual benefit to both parties. Good relationships are the key to getting things done and are essential when your success is dependent on others.



How to Apply:

Please send your resume in Word or PDF format to: . Copy and Paste the following job title and code and place it in the subject line of your email so we can identify the job and confirm receipt of your application:
AFOM-121260 General Manager – NAMCO Machine & Gear Works Ltd. - AB - Edmonton and Area (OTIAPPLY)

Please note that only those candidates meeting the selection criteria, established by our client, will be contacted further. Although we may not contact you directly for this particular role, all applications will be reviewed as we would like to consider you for future opportunities that may be appropriate. We encourage you to continue to visit our website at as our opportunities are updated on a regular basis.