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Director, Internal Audit & Risk – Edmonton Police Service


The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) is internationally recognized as one of the most progressive police organizations in North America.  Employing over 1,800 sworn members and 770 civilians, EPS provides the citizens of Edmonton with protection of life and property, preserves public peace, prevents and detects crime, regulates non-criminal conduct as required by law, and performs services incumbent upon police as a social and community agency. This is achieved through a Community Policing service delivery model. Community Policing is the delivery of effective and efficient policing services through a collaborative partnership with the citizens of Edmonton.

First assembled in 1892, EPS today is better trained, better educated and more diverse than at any other time in history.  For the last three years, EPS has been recognized as a Top Employer by Alberta’s Top 70 Employers for best practices involving employee development and support programs, community involvement, and overall employment benefits.  Proud to have an engaged workforce that is committed, motivated and efficient, EPS is characterized by an appropriate balance of:

  • Prevention ● Intervention ● Suppression ● Problem Solving ● Consultations and Partnerships

Core Values

  • Integrity – Doing the right things for the right reasons all the time.
  • Accountability – Responsible for our own decisions and actions.
  • Respect – Treating others as we would like to be treated.
  • Innovation – Pursuing excellence and creativity.
  • Courage – Maintain strength in the face of our greatest challenges.
  • Community – Respect and honour the diverse communities that we are Dedicated to Protect and Proud to Serve.

EPS is a leader in welcoming diversity and embracing inclusion.  They have been actively focused on transforming their culture and offering in-depth training to members on vulnerability and empathy, bias awareness, Indigenous historic trauma, and anti-racism theory.  Additionally, they strive to be reflective of the community and inclusive throughout.

For more information on EPS, visit their website:



Job Title:Director, Internal Audit & Risk
Reports to:



Although an employee of the Edmonton Police Service, this role has a matrixed reporting structure to both the Edmonton Police Service and the Edmonton Police Commission.  More details will be provided to interested candidates.
Direct Reports:Two: Manager Risk & Quality Assurance and Audit Coordinator
Indirect Reports:Two: Risk Coordinator (X2)
Location:Edmonton, Alberta



The Director, Internal Audit & Risk leads both the Internal Audit and Risk Management teams.

Internal Audit provides independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve the operations of EPS. The Internal Audit function holds a duty of care to both the Edmonton Police Commission (the governing body that oversees the operation of the EPS on behalf of the City of Edmonton) and the EPS in terms of providing valued, confidential, and trusted services that are designed to help both organizations succeed. As such, the Edmonton Police Commission (EPC) will exercise governance over the Internal Audit function, and both EPC and EPS will collaborate to ensure internal audit activities are effective, efficient, add value and drive meaningful results.

Risk Management develops and maintains integrated risk management practices to manage threats and opportunities to maximize achievement of the objectives of the EPS. In addition, the function provides direction and advice on the management of risks.

Additionally, as a standing member of the Chief’s Committee, the Director, Internal Audit & Risk, will have a seat at the table where strategic, executive-level decisions are made.


Key Accountabilities

Risk Determination & Audit Planning

  • Direct the development and preparation of the audit plan, addressing priority risks;
  • Gain EPS leadership and ultimately EPC approval of the audit work plan and related audit programs;
  • Lead the evaluation of risk exposure relating to the achievement of the EPS strategic objectives;
  • Evaluate the systems established to ensure compliance with those policies, plans, procedures, laws, and regulations which could have a significant impact on the organization;
  • Maintain awareness of the external community/policing environment and recommend audits to further support and/or enhance relevant service operations;
  • Oversee the evaluation of the reliability and integrity of information and the means used to identify, measure, classify, and report such information; and
  • Lead consulting and advisory services related to governance, risk management and control as appropriate for the organization.


Audit Plan Execution

  • Direct the execution of the audit work plan and related audit programs in a manner that adds value to and improves organizational operations;
  • Evaluate operations or programs to ascertain whether results are consistent with best practice, and whether the operations or programs are being carried out as planned;
  • Review and adjust the internal audit plan, as necessary, in response to changes in the EPS business, risks, operations, programs, systems, and controls. In doing so, ensure significant changes to the internal audit plan are communicated to the Executive Director, Business Development, Chief of Police and the EPC;
  • Assist with coordination of other control and monitoring functions/activities (e.g. external audits and municipal/provincial/federal audits), including examining their scope of work, as appropriate, for the purpose of assessing and providing optimal audit coverage for EPS; and
  • As directed by the Chief of Police, exercise the ‘right to audit’ clause on behalf of EPS in any or all contracts and/or agreements.


Risk Management & Quality Assurance

  • In support of and in partnership with EPS leadership, direct and oversee the Risk Management and Quality Assurance functions;
  • Ensure the implementation of risk management practices and ownership of risk at all levels of the organization;
  • Collaborate with the Strategy and Engagement Branch to align risk management practices with strategic management processes;
  • Advise the Chief of Police and other senior management on the management of strategic/key risks;
  • Direct the development, review, and updating of the corporate risk profile;
  • Direct the development, review, and updating of the Integrated Risk Management Framework;
  • Align the Internal Audit work plan with the priority risks identified and with risk governance information needs; and
  • Foster an environment that supports risk-informed decision making.


Evaluation, Reporting & Communication

  • Develop and submit, at least annually, to the Chief’s Committee and the EPC, a risk-based internal audit plan for review, with approval by EPC. In developing the risk-based internal audit plan the results of work performed by the Risk Management and Quality Assurance functions should be leveraged, thereby integrating the risks and associated assurance results;
  • Follow up on engagement findings and corrective actions, and report periodically to the Chief of Police and the EPC on implementation progress, as well as any corrective actions not effectively implemented. Where appropriate, conduct periodic follow-up audits to evaluate the adequacy of management’s corrective action;
  • Provide a summary of all assurance and audit activities performed within EPS (e.g. Occupational Health and Safety audits) to EPC on a biannual basis;
  • Report significant risk exposures and control issues, including fraud risks, governance issues, and other matters needed or requested by the Commission;
  • Oversee a quality assurance and improvement program to evaluate the Internal Audit function’s conformance with the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) and to evaluate whether internal auditors apply the IIA’s Code of Ethics. The program will also assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the Internal Audit function and identify opportunities for improvement; and
  • Communicate to the Chief of Police and the EPC on the Internal Audit function’s quality assurance and improvement program, including results of internal assessments (both ongoing and periodic) and external assessments conducted at least once every five years by a qualified, independent assessor or assessment team from outside EPS.


Internal Audit & Risk Team Leadership

  • Establish an Internal Audit & Risk team culture that characterizes the EPS core values of integrity, accountability, respect, innovation, courage and community;
  • Model behaviours that demonstrate a strategic mindset, partnership, strong governance, and an interest-based problem solving style;
  • Consider corporate vision, mission and strategic objectives while overseeing the formulation of the Internal Audit & Risk team’s objectives and while monitoring their achievement;
  • Ensure the team’s skill mix and capacity are adequate to complete the approved audit plan;
  • Source, externally or within EPS, specialized resources in cases where internal audit resources do not possess the necessary expertise (e.g. IT, Operational, Privacy, ERM, Fleet, Gender Audit etc.);
  • Manage internally allocated or contracted resources as necessary, to assist in the delivery of the internal audit plan; and
  • Act as the primary contact for external audit agencies to ensure EPC and EPS interests are properly represented.



Success in the first year will be determined by the candidate’s ability to:

  • Develop a solid understanding of the workings of both the EPC & the EPS;
  • Develop an audit plan that meets both the operational and governance needs of the Chief of Police and the EPC, and reflects the areas of priority for the Service and Commission;
  • Review and continue to develop the Internal Audit Charter;
  • Attract, recruit, and train all roles within the Internal Audit & Risk team; and
  • Establish strong and trusted relationships with all stakeholders, but particularly with the EPC and the EPS, while still maintaining objectivity and a keen focus on priorities for audit and review.



The successful candidate will have the following, or a suitable combination of experience and training:


  • Certified Professional Accountant, registered and / or eligible for registration in Alberta;
  • Certified Internal Auditor designation and Certified Risk Management Professional designation; and
  • Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Commerce or Business Administration or equivalent training.



  • A minimum of 10 years of progressive experience leading teams in a highly governed, complex, matrixed-reporting environment;
  • Specific experience leading an internal audit team (or co-source team) with evidence of targeted professional development in audit, controls and risk management consistent with IIA International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Audit;
  • Specific experience leading a risk management team that has worked collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders to manage key risks in accordance with COSO or ISO frameworks;
  • Sophisticated knowledge of governance best-practice and/or experience operating within and supporting a board governance structure; and
  • Policing experience is ideal, but other audit and risk management experience is acceptable where a commitment and ability to quickly learn new sectors is evident.


Competencies & Attributes

  • A leader who, through their actions, sets a constructive tone and high standard in relation to how the Internal Audit & Risk team operates and interacts with the organization, senior management, the Commission, the City of Edmonton, and other key stakeholders within, and external to the organization;
  • A leader who is knowledgeable and stays current with external events to provide forward thinking recommendations and insight based on their understanding of the external environment (political climate, public sentiments, etc.);
  • A leader who values the power of inquiry, knows how to ask great questions and offers impactful solutions;
  • A leader who values the importance of their and the team’s independence and objectivity; is confident in themselves and in their judgment; has the courage to challenge constructively when necessary; a leader who engages in tough conversations respectfully; a leader who will also coach / develop their team in these important attributes;
  • A team-builder, ensuring technical expertise is complemented by strong interpersonal skills within the team, one who motivates and empowers team members to succeed in achieving their objectives;
  • A leader who can help their team manage the more traditional assurance role as well as an advisory role by communicating the team’s value-proposition to all stakeholders;
  • A leader who is effective, diplomatic, engaging and inclusive, and able to earn the trust and respect of all stakeholders;
  • A strategic mindset that results in being viewed as an influencer across the organization as a whole; and
  • An individual who personifies the values of integrity, accountability, respect, innovation, courage and community.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume in Word or PDF format to: . Copy and Paste the following job title and code and place it in the subject line of your email so we can identify the job and confirm receipt of your application:
AIHQ-437733 Director, Internal Audit & Risk – Edmonton Police Service - AB - Edmonton and Area (OTIAPPLY)

Please note that only those candidates meeting the selection criteria, established by our client, will be contacted further. Although we may not contact you directly for this particular role, all applications will be reviewed as we would like to consider you for future opportunities that may be appropriate. We encourage you to continue to visit our website at as our opportunities are updated on a regular basis.