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City Manager – The City of Edmonton


“We create as a community to connect people to what matters to them. We care about the impact of our actions on our social, economic, cultural, spiritual and environmental systems. We serve those here today and those who come after us.”         

 – The City of Edmonton’s Guiding Principle


The City of Edmonton (“the City” or “the Corporation”) provides services and infrastructure to keep nearly one million people safe, connected and able to live and work well.  In support of this critical work, the Corporation has identified four strategic goals:

  1. Healthy City – Edmonton is a neighbourly city with community and personal wellness that embodies and promotes equity for all Edmontonians.
  2. Urban Places – Edmonton neighbourhoods are more vibrant as density increases, where people and businesses thrive and where housing and mobility options are plentiful.
  3. Regional Prosperity – Edmonton grows prosperity for our Metro Region by driving innovation, competitiveness and relevance for our businesses at the local and global level.
  4. Climate Resilience – Edmonton is a city transitioning to a low-carbon future, has clean air and water and is adapting to a changing climate.

Modern municipalities operate in a rapidly changing business environment, where citizens demand a more open and interactive government. The City of Edmonton is no longer just a service and utility provider, but a key player in improving the social welfare of citizens. The City of Edmonton delivers more than 70 distinct services, from public transit to fire rescue, waste management, and leisure activities.

At the heart of the City of Edmonton is a community of 13,000 staff. It is a Corporation serving nearly one million residents, with more than 300 programs and services. Employees are city builders, problem solvers, listeners, and doers. Their work connects them to almost every daily aspect of citizens’ lives. Employees are citizens too, proudly serving their neighbours in the most open and responsive way they can.

The City welcomes diversity and embraces inclusion.  They are committed to cultivating a culture where every member of the community shares a feeling of belonging and where diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and life experiences is essential to their success.  The City is committed to attracting and retaining a talented workforce skilled at working in an inclusive and respectful manner with one another and with the community.


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Job Title:City Manager
Reports to:City Council

Direct Reports:






City Clerk; City Solicitor; Deputy City Manager, Citizen Services; Deputy City Manager, City Operations; Deputy City Manager, Communications & Engagement; Deputy City Manager, Employee Services; Deputy City Manager, Financial & Corporate Services; Deputy City Manager, Integrated Infrastructure Services; Deputy City Manager, Urban Form and Corporate Strategic Development; and Office of the City Manager staff.
Location:Edmonton, Alberta



The City Manager is the sole administrative employee of City Council. Working in partnership with the Mayor and City Councillors, the City Manager will help define and execute the City Vision that will set direction, guide decisions and align the priorities of the City of Edmonton to achieve a vibrant and sustainable future. Through these initiatives, the goal is to enhance the quality of life for residents and ensure that Edmonton remains an attractive and dynamic place to live. The City Manager is highly visible throughout the corporation, involved and present in the community, and engaged at all levels of government, encouraging partnerships and collaboration.

City Council is seeking a candidate with the values and competencies to build on the exceptional service already offered by the City and inspire the organization to achieve the next level of excellence.  The City Manager will shape the culture of the City and ensure that the corporation is transparent, collaborative, in alignment with the values of the community, responsive, respectful, nimble, empowering and diverse.  The City Manager will be strategically focused on emerging trends and best practice in order to support the relevancy of the City as a modern municipal corporation. The City Manager is accountable for reflecting a citizen-centric approach and perspective in the strategies, business plans, programs and services of the Corporation.

As both ambassador and leader, the City Manager is the administrative face of the Corporation.  As such, they will demonstrate excellence in navigating a complex multi-stakeholder environment and will use emotional intelligence and humility in support of developing personal relationships and trust within that stakeholder community.  Focusing on what is best for the citizens of Edmonton, the City Manager will utilize those relationship-building skills to bring disparate groups with varying opinions to the table for discussion. An active and transparent communicator, the City Manager’s visibility should be high both within and outside of the Corporation.

Recognizing that excellent city building happens when the community sees itself within their municipal administration, the City Manager will champion the continued and increased diversification of the Corporation.  Diversity in all forms, including diversity of ideas, will be a strategic priority for Edmonton’s City Manager.  Ultimately, the City Manager should embody the City’s Cultural Commitments.


Key Accountabilities:

Strategic Management

  • Create and build a deep understanding of the overall corporate context, direction and priorities and support and sponsor corporate initiatives;
  • Lead the development of strategies for the Corporation and ensure the direction is translated into Department level strategies required to achieve Council’s and ELT’s vision and priorities;
  • Apply critical thinking to the strategic management and decision-making processes of the Corporation;
  • Consult and interact with community, industry and other external stakeholders in order to understand and bring an external perspective to the strategy process;
  • Inspire innovation and new ways of thinking while balancing the need to manage institutional risk;
  • Drive and direct the Corporation’s integration agenda;
  • Ensure growth and improvement is consistent with the corporate direction; and
  • Operate as a servant leader in the formation and implementation of strategy.


System Alignment

  • Create the social (human) systems necessary to deliver the technical work of the Corporation;
  • Assure the alignment of structure, process, competencies, leadership style and culture to the strategy of the Corporation;
  • Build and sustain the capacity of teams and individuals necessary to deliver the strategy; and
  • Continuously adapt the organizational model (structure, processes, competencies, leadership style and culture) to deliver the strategy.


Oversight & Assurance/Financial Stewardship

  • Assure the effectiveness of corporate systems through comprehensive, accurate and transparent reporting and performance management (e.g. key performance indicators);
  • Ensure the prudent and effective use of financial resources in the conceptualization and delivery of the Corporation’s work; and
  • Apply business acumen and critical thinking in the use of resources, have full knowledge of the budget and cost drivers inherent in the corporate business model.


Relationship Management

  • Create, leverage and maintain relationships necessary to advance the corporate strategy and reputation, including building and sustaining professional relationships with Council, peers, ELT, labour unions, citizens, industry/sector leaders, business partners and staff;
  • Work to foster strong relationships with external organizations such as post-secondary institutions, provincial and federal governments, health organizations and other external stakeholders; and
  • Champion dialogue and collaboration with regional partners in an complex and evolving metropolitan landscape.


Culture & Tone at the Top

  • Establish, demonstrate and hold others accountable to behave consistently with the values of the Corporation’s Leadership Competencies and Cultural Commitments; and
  • Ensure that values are reflected in corporate processes, practices, leadership style and culture.


Corporate Leadership

  • Support the Mayor and Council in the determination of policy by providing advice and counsel relative to proposed municipal initiatives;
  • Work with City Council in the refinement and evaluation of the Strategic Plan for the City;
  • Communicate the mission, Corporate Promise and strategic direction of the City to all staff;
  • Lead the development and implementation of frameworks, approaches and initiatives to promote and advance a culture of excellence and innovation;
  • Build and support sound and viable organizational structures to make optimum use of talent, technology and processes across the Corporation;
  • Promote long term planning and conceptualize new initiatives that may ultimately lead to improved processes and practices across the Corporation;
  • Oversee major financial commitments and risk on behalf of the Corporation;
  • Ensure internal controls in the form of policies, procedures and practices are developed and implemented to safeguard City assets and to ensure:
    • reliability of management and financial information;
    • compliance with legislation and regulations; and
    • efficiency and effectiveness of operations.
  • Develop and implement initiatives that support a culture of engagement and support a strong, citizen focused workforce;
  • Keep abreast of trends and developments in local government and recommend new and innovative approaches to enhance the performance of the City;
  • Work closely with the Office of the Mayor, Council, City staff and a wide range of resources and partners in the community to expand the City’s economic base and quality of life for citizens; and
  • Build and maintain positive and productive relationships with the labour unions (7) by providing leadership to nurture and grow the City’s Working Relationship Agreements.




Success in the first year will be determined by the candidate’s ability to:

  • Build varied, meaningful and trusted relationships within Council, the ELT, the community, and the stakeholder group at large;
  • Comprehend the details of the new City Plan and create an action plan for execution including establishment of clear timelines, identification of relevant key performance indicators, and assessment and mitigation of risk;
  • Bolster the exceptional relationship with ELT, and support the culture of excellence, transparency, and respectful debate at the ELT table;
  • Show progress in culture transformation and a psychologically safe work environment as evidenced in improved Employee Pulse Survey scores;
  • Champion business process improvements in externally facing services enabling businesses to more seamlessly work and invest in Edmonton;
  • Demonstrate a keen understanding of the financial landscape and definitively demonstrate effective and efficient use of resources in the achievement of outcomes;
  • Elevate institutional credibility through predictably and reliably delivering on citizen-centric projects and services; and
  • Utilizing strong governance practices, courageously provide best advice, based in fact and analysis, to Council.



The successful candidate will have the following:


  • At minimum, an undergraduate degree;
  • A demonstrated commitment to life-long learning and continuous improvement; and
  • Graduate degrees are welcomed.



  • Proven leadership experience in an executive level position within a progressive municipality or public/private sector organization of comparable complexity; and
  • Possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of running a public organization.


Competencies and Attributes

  • Ability to communicate with impact, convey intent and connect with a wide range of audiences;
  • Ability to cultivate productive working relationships with Council, leaders, staff, industry, and business partners;
  • Demonstrated experience in building and sustaining an inclusive, positive, engaged workplace culture in a large, complex or multi-faceted organization;
  • Demonstrated skill in building and attracting organizational talent;
  • Ability to delegate to and empower leaders and staff;
  • Strong ability to build commitment, sell the vision and influence others;
  • Ability to operate in an ambiguous environment;
  • Possess a strong citizen focus;
  • Solution focused with an ability to reconcile multiple viewpoints;
  • Ability to develop and translate strategic vision and direction consistent with Council’s vision for the City;
  • Political acumen and awareness (ability to read and understand the political/strategic environment);
  • Commitment to reflection and self-awareness, accurate self insight and seeks the perspective of others;
  • Personal drive, energy, integrity and passion;
  • Desire to achieve outcomes and drive for results;
  • Focus on continuous improvement; and
  • Integrity and honesty.


Closing date for applications: August 31, 2020

How to Apply:

Please send your resume in Word or PDF format to: Copy and Paste the following job title and code and place it in the subject line of your email so we can identify the job and confirm receipt of your application:
AMKG-868881 City Manager – The City of Edmonton - AB - Edmonton and Area (OTIAPPLY)

Please note that only those candidates meeting the selection criteria, established by our client, will be contacted further. Although we may not contact you directly for this particular role, all applications will be reviewed as we would like to consider you for future opportunities that may be appropriate. We encourage you to continue to visit our website at as our opportunities are updated on a regular basis.