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Chief Tourism & Visitor Economy Officer – Economic Development Regina Inc. (EDR)

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT REGINA INC. (EDR) is a catalyst for economic development for the Greater Regina Area (GRA) and across southern Saskatchewan. EDR connects businesses and entrepreneurs with opportunities to grow and prosper, contributing to an enhanced quality of life for citizens and visitors alike. EDR is a not for profit independent corporation, governed by a volunteer board of directors with the City of Regina as its sole shareholder.

EDR is the official destination marketing organization responsible for attracting visitors, business and investment to the GRA. They work alongside Regina’s amazing tourism operators, industry partners and stakeholders to promote and enhance Regina as a destination. EDR encourages the growth of the region’s tourism industry through the retention and development of attractions – and they recognize that visitors and residents who explore Regina’s leisure, business and special event tourism make significant contributions to our culture and our economy.

The visitor economy refers to the production of goods and services for consumption by visitors, which includes the industries that directly serve visitors, such as attractions and hotels, as well as intermediaries and those involved indirectly, such as retail and food production. Traditional definitions of tourism tend to focus on the consumption activities of leisure tourists – people travelling and staying outside their usual place of residence for a limited time period for the purpose of a holiday, sight-seeing and recreation. More contemporary definitions include all visitors travelling for other reasons such as visiting friends and relatives, business, education or even medical services. The visitor activity does not occur in isolation and contributes to investment and jobs across a range of industry sectors.

EDR has a small team of passionate, purpose-driven individuals, all of whom are intensely committed to the community where we live and work. The volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of community-minded leaders – all of whom believe in our city’s unlimited potential. Regina is a hidden gem whose time to shine has come.

EDR’s team works closely with community and business leaders and our Board to create and deliver on a compelling, innovative vision for Regina. Their 2020-2030 Economic Growth Plan identifies key opportunities to transform Regina’s prosperity and economic potential for the next 10 years. EDR’s aim is to promote the Greater Regina Area as a leading destination for visitors, talent, businesses and investment. While it provides a blueprint for long-term growth, the Plan also forms the foundation for action in the near term. EDR’s 2021 Business Plan provides concrete steps and laser-focus on key opportunities identified in the Growth Plan.

For more information on Economic Development Regina Inc. please visit:



Job Title:Chief Tourism & Visitor Economy Officer
Reports to:President & Chief Executive Officer
Direct Reports:  3-6 direct reports plus contract resources
Location:Regina, Saskatchewan





Reporting to the President & Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Tourism & Visitor Economy Officer will be a key member of the Management Team of EDR. While ensuring effective cross-organization collaboration, and supporting corporate priorities and strategic imperatives, the position provides effective leadership, management and direction to ensure:

  • Development and growth in Tourism, Event, Convention and Tradeshow (ECT) and Visitor Economy
  • Greater Regina Area visitor value-proposition and brand development; destination and visitor attraction strategy
  • Tourism product and experience development
  • Visitor experience service network development
  • ECT attraction and acquisition
  • Community and ECT activation
  • Stakeholder and partner relationship management including integration of diverse perspectives into cohesive plans and action


Key Accountabilities

This role is accountable to ensure alignment with the corporate vision, strategic and corporate business plans and commitment to excellence and customer service. The position will include the following responsibilities:

  • Oversee the planning, implementation, and evaluation of specific Tourism, ECT and overall visitor economy initiatives. Act with intention toward the priorities and be accountable for producing results that will have lasting, prosperous effects on the industry, our city, and the overall Greater Regina Area
  • Contribute to development and monitoring of overall organizational priorities, imperatives, plans and budgets
  • Develop, engage and collaborate with stakeholders and industry leaders to help shape and grow the Greater Regina Area’s Tourism sector and visitor economy. Establishing a proactive sales management approach foster collaboration and advocacy with key stakeholder relationships including industry, government and funding partners
  • Continually review all aspects of the Visitor Economy to ensure services are being effectively delivered, including the capture and regular review of relevant data
  • Lead and co-ordinate the successful delivery of high-profile tourism & ECT related projects within the Greater Regina Area
  • Work closely with the Chief Brand Officer and Chief Economic Growth Officer to develop and implement an authentic destination marketing strategy and plan which meets the requirements of dynamic, fast moving Tourism and ECT sectors with the goal of improving Regina’s position as a leading visitor destination for tourism, business and ECT
  • Provide leadership in addressing unique tourism product and experience development with industry partners
  • Implement a business development plan with relevant stakeholders to attract future ECT’s to the Greater Regina Area
  • Activate high-impact ECTs hosted in the Greater Regina Area and exploit opportunities for pre and post event visitors
  • Working with the Partnership and Relationship Director, review available Tourism and ECT funding opportunities and related requirements
  • Provide support for broader economic development initiatives and strategies

Organizational Leadership

  • Adhere to EDR’s Employee Team Charter and demonstrate cross organizational collaboration and leadership in all activities
  • Acquire and maintain a sound knowledge of the visitor economy, tourism and ECT sectors and ensure an understanding of current market conditions, trends, target markets and opportunities or threats
  • Create an environment that allows the organization to identify, capture and maximize Tourism & Visitor Economy opportunities, and fulfill the overall mandate for the organization and delivery of expected outcomes
  • Advocate the Tourism and ECT sectors perspective, including vision & constraints, to EDR leadership, board and other relevant stakeholders with influence and resources to fuel its growth and development
  • Provide excellence in personal leadership that establishes and maintains a highly engaged, effective and cohesive team to undertake a range of projects, campaigns and events
  • Exhibit behaviors and actions that contribute to building a constructive culture within EDR, modelling curiosity, initiative, focus, discipline, agility and persistence required to advance the priorities and imperatives of the organization
  • In collaboration with other senior leaders, coordinate the optimal allocation of people and resources to EDR priorities
  • Provide and /or orchestrate research and analysis to support strategic decision-making



  • Collaborative leadership with Tourism and ECT leaders, who have an appetite for collaboration, fresh ideas and out of the box thinking; play a key role in advancing the creation of a compelling value-proposition and brand identity for the Greater Regina Area
  • Contribute to the success of small, medium and larger businesses as well as not-for-profit organizations whose missions are to enhance our region’s visitor experience
  • Building off of Regina’s event attraction and activation success; promote the Greater Regina Area as a leading destination for visitors, talent, businesses and investment
  • Join an organization that has potential for future career growth



Success in the first year will be determined by the candidate’s ability to:

  • Build confidence and trust of CEO, Board, EDR team and stakeholders they have interacted with
  • Develop and execute a tourism and visitor economy recovery and growth strategy, with alignment evident across all priority sectors
  • Provide clear leadership to advance and grow the ECT alliance; alignment and stakeholder engagement is evident among the partners and one high impact event/tradeshow has been secured for future years
  • Launch a visitor and destination experience action plan
  • Develop a ‘one brand’ approach within an overall authentic destination marketing strategy (Regina Advantage) that promotes tourism, ECT and the visitor economy in the Greater Regina Area, in collaboration with the Chief Brand Officer
  • Roll-out two initiatives, involving two or more industry partners that create positive energy, excitement and enthusiasm among tourism stakeholders



The successful candidate will have the following:


  • Bachelor’s degree in a related discipline or equivalent


  • Significant knowledge and proven leadership experience with tourism, visitor economy and destination development
  • Significant event, convention and trade-show attraction and activation
  • Community development
  • Government relations
  • Strong business acumen with passion for sales
  • Agile leadership and agile delivery methodology

Competencies and Attributes

  • Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal with the ability to represent and promote Regina as a destination; communication characterized as creative, authentic, nuanced, empathetic, expressive, tactful and impactful
  • Ability to develop and maintain collaborative partnerships with multiple stakeholders and funders; one who emphasizes listening, understanding perspectives and integrates their learning, as appropriate, into plans and actions; mindset of responsiveness
  • Strategic thinker who excels in fact-based decision making and brings significant business savvy
  • Creative and bold visionary who has proven their ability to align and mobilize others
  • Entrepreneurial drive, bias for action, takes initiative to make things happen
  • Transparent, collaborative and catalyst leadership style
  • Authentic leader and mentor
  • Decisive, bringing a maturity to make tough choices
  • Excellent relationship building skills with the ability to lead people towards common goal
  • Compelling presenter and effective interviewing skills

How to Apply:

Please send your resume in Word or PDF format to: Copy and Paste the following job title and code and place it in the subject line of your email so we can identify the job and confirm receipt of your application:
AGRP-616488 Chief Tourism & Visitor Economy Officer – Economic Development Regina Inc. (EDR) - SK - Regina (OTIAPPLY)

Please note that only those candidates meeting the selection criteria, established by our client, will be contacted further. Although we may not contact you directly for this particular role, all applications will be reviewed as we would like to consider you for future opportunities that may be appropriate. We encourage you to continue to visit our website at as our opportunities are updated on a regular basis.