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Current Opportunities

Chief of Police – Edmonton Police Commission


The Edmonton Police Service
The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) is internationally recognized as one of the most progressive police organizations in North America.  Employing over 1800 sworn members and 770 civilians, EPS provides the citizens of Edmonton with protection of life and property, preserves public peace, prevents and detects crime, regulates non-criminal conduct as required by law, and performs services incumbent upon police as a social and community agency. This is achieved through a Community Policing service delivery model. Community Policing is the delivery of effective and efficient policing services through a collaborative partnership with the citizens of Edmonton.

First assembled in 1892, EPS today is better trained, better educated and more diverse than at any other time in history.  EPS was recognized as a Top Employer earlier this year by Alberta’s Top 70 Employers for best practices involving employee development and support programs, community involvement, and overall employment benefits.  Proud to have an engaged workforce that is committed, motivated and efficient, EPS is characterized by an appropriate balance of:

  • Prevention
  • Intervention
  • Suppression
  • Problem solving
  • Consultations and partnerships

Each year, the EPS identifies and undertakes initiatives to help realize goals outlined in its strategy.  These goals include:

  • Commitment to Professionalism
  • Reduced Crime and Victimization
  • Investigative Excellence
  • Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness

Mission Statement
To increase public safety through excellence in the prevention, intervention and suppression of crime and disorder.

To make Edmonton the safest major city in Canada and for the Edmonton Police Service to be recognized as a leader in policing.

Core Values

  • Integrity – Doing the right things for the right reasons all the time.
  • Accountability – Responsible for our own decisions and actions.
  • Respect – Treating others as we would like to be treated.
  • Innovation – Pursuing excellence and creativity.
  • Courage – Maintain strength in the face of our greatest challenges.
  • Community – Respect and honour the diverse communities that we are Dedicated to Protect and Proud to Serve.


The Edmonton Police Commission

The roles of the Edmonton Police Commission and the EPS are different; however, they share a common vision of responsive community policing. The Edmonton Police Commission has four main functions: overseeing EPS, responding to citizens’ concerns on policing matters, helping to develop the annual policing plan and budget, and building positive relationships with community partners.

The Edmonton Police Commission is committed to making Edmonton a safe and vibrant city today and in the future. By working closely with the Chief of Police and the EPS, the Commission creates an essential balance between public accountability and police independence. The EPS is held responsible for its actions by reporting to the Commission, a non-political body appointed to represent the citizens of Edmonton.

Edmonton is changing, and these changes affect how our city must be policed. By connecting with the community at meetings and public forums, the Commission is able to respond to citizens’ expectations and concerns and take the necessary steps to build a safer community.

The Commission acts as the link between the EPS and the provincial and municipal government. While the Commission is appointed by and accountable to City Council, it remains an unbiased body whose primary responsibility is ensuring professional and ethical front-line policing to the citizens of Edmonton.

Our Vision

The Edmonton Police Commission’s vision echoes that of the Edmonton Police Service: To make Edmonton the safest major city in Canada and for the Edmonton Police Service to be recognized as a leader in policing.

Our Mission

Given the unique roles, the Commission’s mission is different but complementary to that of the EPS: To increase public safety through independent governance and civilian oversight of the Edmonton Police Service.



Job Title: Chief of Police

Reports to: Edmonton Police Commission

Direct Reports: Deputy Chiefs (3); Chief Administrative Officer; Chief of Staff; Executive Director Legal & Regulatory; Executive Director, Office of Strategy Management; Executive Assistant

Indirect Reports: 2500+

Location: Edmonton



The Chief of Police leads the EPS to deliver on its vision to make Edmonton the safest major city in Canada and to be recognized as a leader in policing.  The Chief also has overall responsibility for the leadership and management of all components of the EPS, including an operating budget of almost $500 million.

However, preservation of public peace and crime prevention are table stakes.  The Police Commission is seeking a candidate with the vision and values to build on the exceptional service already offered by the EPS and inspire the organization to achieve the next level of excellence.  Reporting to the Commission, the Chief will shape the culture of EPS and ensure that as an organization they are transparent, collaborative, in alignment with the values of the community, respectful, nimble and diverse.  The Chief will be strategically focused on emerging trends and best practice in order to support the relevancy of the EPS as the police force of the future.

As both ambassador and leader, the Chief is the public face of the EPS.  As such, he or she will demonstrate excellence in navigating a complex multi-stakeholder environment and will use emotional intelligence and humility in support of developing personal relationships and trust within that stakeholder community.  Focusing on what is best for the citizens of Edmonton, the Chief will utilize those relationship-building skills to bring disparate groups with varying opinions to the table for discussion. An active and transparent communicator, the Chief’s visibility should be high both within and outside of the EPS.

Recognizing that excellent policing happens when the community sees itself within their police service, and when the police service sees themselves within their community, the Chief will champion the continued and increased diversification of the EPS.   Diversity in all forms, including diversity of ideas, will be a strategic priority for Edmonton’s Chief of Police.  Additionally, a culture of respect for the role of every employee of EPS, both sworn and civilian, will be demonstrated daily by the Chief.

Finally, a strategic long-term focus will be a priority for the Chief.  Policing is an ever-evolving area of expertise, and in response the Chief will be well-connected with thought leaders in the field, will be aware of emerging issues and best-practice, and will be forward-thinking and aware of how decisions today may be impactful in the future.  The Chief, in concert with the Commission, will articulate a compelling vision for the EPS, and will support the vision with short and long-term strategic priorities and goals that will be understood and operationalized at all levels of the organization.

Opportunities and Challenges

  • The City of Edmonton is undergoing a sustained period of growth, presenting challenges with regards to changing municipal population dynamics and limited resources. The successful candidate will need to be efficient and nimble in planning and executing resource strategies.
  • EPS must be committed to honouring the values of a diverse community, relying on collaborative community relationships and partnerships to build legitimacy and effective community policing practices. The EPS must also ensure that Edmontonians of all backgrounds can see themselves reflected in the composition of the Service and leadership team.
  • Cybercrime is an increasingly complex issue for all police services, and the incoming Chief will need to continue to work to address this concern from both a resource and a jurisdictional perspective.
  • The Chief of Police will need to continually build a culture where all employees (sworn and civilian) feel respected and engaged in a discussion about the continually evolving nature of policing.


  • EPS is recognized internationally for its leadership in policing best practice and internal training procedures. The successful candidate will have room to innovate and pursue continuous improvement without the need to rectify past issues.
  • The successful candidate will step into a police service which enjoys strong relationships with government and community partners.
  • EPS boasts robust recruitment practices with a high calibre of candidates recruited to the service.



Success in the first year will be determined by the candidate’s ability to:

  • Build resilient and trusting relationships with stakeholders in order to ensure a culture of strong communication, engagement and collaboration both internally and externally;
  • Build on the successes of the past in order to establish a vision and strategy for the future;
  • Sustain a strong morale within the service and ensure the retention of both sworn and civilian members; and
  • Maintain a strong public perception of the EPS within the community to ensure that the public feels safe.



The successful candidate will have the following:

Professional Requirements

  • Previous experience in law enforcement and in execution of policing strategies at a senior level as a sworn officer and/or equivalent;
  • Training and progressive experience in leadership, organizational change and management;
  • A life-long learner as demonstrated by ongoing professional and personal development;
  • An established relationship builder who invites conversation and who embraces the notion that partnership and collaboration, both internal and external, will result in the greatest success;
  • Demonstrated excellence in both envisioning and leading organizational change, and demonstrated excellence in overseeing successful change management of same;
  • Experience and expertise in evidence-based policing, and using empirical data to understand the efficacy of policing practices;
  • Previous experience effectively managing a large and complex budget with sound business management principles;
  • Post-Secondary education is preferred; and
  • Prior experience reporting to and working closely with a Police Commission or Board is preferred.

Competencies and Attributes:

  • An ability to lead change effectively and to facilitate the smooth and efficient transition to new organizational strategies and processes;
  • Demonstrated commitment to seek and build trusting and transparent relationships with internal and external stakeholders resulting in more collaborative decision making, a more responsive police service, and an awareness of emerging issues;
  • An interactive communication style across multiple channels that articulates the EPS vision and supports sharing of broad organizational ideas and strategies in support of a clear understanding and broad support of the EPS mission;
  • An ability to effectively develop a strategic plan for the EPS, translate strategic objectives into operational goals and work towards their implementation;
  • Demonstrated commitment to promoting a policing culture that embraces diversity, respect, health and safety, and wellness;
  • Supportive and communicative with all stakeholders, but in particular with the senior leadership team, and a commitment to remain highly visible to the entire organization;
  • Demonstrated success in “inviting others to the conversation”: an ability to draw together people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives into dialogue with the EPS;
  • Open to new ideas and perspectives, and embraces a culture of continual learning;
  • Demonstration of personal accountability and of holding others accountable;
  • Strikes an appropriate balance between decisive and consultative approach;
  • Exceptional political acumen including demonstrated personal humility, and acknowledgement that success for the Chief and for the EPS is all in support of success for the community; and
  • A commitment to building and developing internal capacity and strong teams and focusing on long-term succession plans.



An excellent compensation package awaits the successful candidate.



In order to be considered, applications for the EPS Chief of Police should be emailed to by 4:00 PM MST on August 15, 2018.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume in Word or PDF format to: Copy and Paste the following job title and code and place it in the subject line of your email so we can identify the job and confirm receipt of your application:
ANXP-553104 Chief of Police – Edmonton Police Commission - AB - Edmonton and Area (OTIAPPLY)

Please note that only those candidates meeting the selection criteria, established by our client, will be contacted further. Although we may not contact you directly for this particular role, all applications will be reviewed as we would like to consider you for future opportunities that may be appropriate. We encourage you to continue to visit our website at as our opportunities are updated on a regular basis.