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Current Opportunities

Chief Executive Officer- SaskCentral


SaskCentral is owned by and is the liquidity manager and key consulting service supplier for, Saskatchewan’s credit unions. SaskCentral also maintains business relationships with, and investments in, a number of co-operative entities on behalf of Saskatchewan credit unions.

SaskCentral’s corporate governance is anchored in the co-operative principle of democratic member control. Dedicated to co-operative values, its Board and leadership team work hard to ensure SaskCentral has effective, ethical, and transparent governance practices.  SaskCentral has an eight-person board elected by Saskatchewan credit unions. The board is responsible for providing strategic and governance oversight to SaskCentral, monitoring progress toward business plan objectives and representing the interests of Saskatchewan’s credit unions based on size and credit union membership.

SaskCentral aspires to a vision of “Connecting Saskatchewan credit unions to the global financial network”.  SaskCentral’s purpose is to: “lead wholesale services and transformation necessary for vibrant and sustainable credit unions”. Supporting Saskatchewan credit unions’ success guides all that SaskCentral does and all decisions it makes. SaskCentral has articulated key principles that guide management in developing and implementing strategies and actions to achieve SaskCentral’s goals and, ultimately, realize SaskCentral’s vision.

SaskCentral’s 2020-2021 goals include:

  1. Modernized statutory liquidity function with improved efficiency and effectiveness for credit unions
  2. Effective and efficient payments, clearing and settlement for credit unions
  3. Alignment of strategic investments to optimize capital and value of services
  4. Relevant, future-focused core and discretionary service for credit unions
  5. SaskCentral sustainability and governance reform

You can learn more about SaskCentral here:



Job Title:Chief Executive Officer

Reports to:Board of Directors

Direct Reports:(5) Executive Vice-President,  Chief Financial Officer & Chief Risk Officer,  Executive Vice-President,  CU Solutions & Chief People Officer,  Chief Auditor,  Associate Vice-President Legal & Corporate Secretary,  Executive Assistant

Indirect Reports ~ 70

Location:Regina, SK



The CEO of SaskCentral leads the execution of strategy to transition SaskCentral to the future state of supporting the wholesale core services of payments, clearing & settlement, statutory liquidity management and credit facilities on behalf of Saskatchewan credit unions.

The CEO seeks to understand Saskatchewan credit union needs, challenges and issues to ensure the strategy and goals of SaskCentral are aligned to the vision of connecting Saskatchewan credit unions to the global financial network.


Key Accountabilities

The focus of the CEO’s role is to transform the business and execute the transitional strategy.

While executing on the transitional strategy, the CEO remains accountable to provide leadership to the operations of SaskCentral. This includes providing leadership and/or oversight to:

  • The effective financial management of the organization
  • Appropriate organizational governance and risk management practices
  • Effective stakeholder engagement, including but not limited to regulatory engagement, to ensure the strategies of SaskCentral are advanced
  • The core services of payments, clearing & settlement, statutory liquidity management and credit facilities, including modernizing and ensuring effective and efficient delivery of these services
  • The development and maintenance of an organizational culture of change
  • A highly effective and engaged executive and senior management team

Opportunities and Challenges

  • Unmatched transformational leadership opportunity
  • Role mandate will have high impact on the future success of credit unions in Saskatchewan and to the unified and connected national system of providers in Canada
  • Delivering systemic change / tangible results in a focused timeframe


  • Working with a strong Board of Directors that champion transformational change
  • Work with and be supported by a high-performing team who are experts in their service areas
  • Joining a credit union system that is ready for collaborative change and transformation
  • Lead the transformation of the role of a Central




Success in the first year will be determined by:

  • Achievement of 2021 business plan goals
  • Articulation of a transformation roadmap/plan, including 2022 business plan with steps towards achieving mutually agreed key milestones
  • Being seen as the leader of the SaskCentral team
  • Results that build confidence within the Saskatchewan credit union system


The successful candidate will have the following:


  • The CEO has a master’s degree in: Business, Finance or Commerce or the equivalent combination of education and experience


  • The CEO has a minimum fifteen years’ experience in a senior management capacity including five years’ experience as a vice-president or senior executive in a similar-sized financial services organization
  • The CEO has experience executing transformation strategies, which may come from a range of industries, preferably the financial services sector. This includes navigating strategy execution through ambiguity and uncertainty
  • The CEO has an understanding of the highly regulated credit union system with foundational knowledge of the wholesale core services of SaskCentral, including exposure to the legislative and regulatory frameworks impacting SaskCentral and Saskatchewan credit unions
  • The CEO possesses a strong understanding of good corporate governance principles and practices
  • The CEO has knowledge of financial and enterprise risk management. This includes the ability to identify, assess and adequately mitigate critical risks (strategic, process, technology, people, political, stakeholder and credit union) associated with the current and future business model, while understanding the interconnectivity of risks and ensuring appropriate controls/strategies are in place to address identified risks
  • The CEO demonstrates knowledge and ability to apply and evaluate business models including business acquisition, mergers, and divestitures
  • Leader of leaders; executive presence, with depth of experience that adds value to Executive and Board discussions and decisions
  • Change leader, effective engagement of local, regional, and national stakeholders in pursuit of stewarding change internally in SaskCentral and externally within the credit union system
  • Evidence based decision-making, able to leverage credit union system data to identify trends, potential needs; connect SaskCentral capabilities to national credit union needs
  • Demonstrated knowledge of emerging technology and has the ability to identify assess, and adequately understand the impacts of technology to SaskCentral and the credit union sector


Leads Decisively to Achieve Results

  • The CEO acts assertively, decisively, and timely. He or she effectively balances the needs of the Board to the needs of the team and leads a performance culture where all employees are fully accountable. This includes holding themselves and others accountable to make the difficult decisions required to ensure the business is most appropriately aligned to deliver on the future mandate

Is a Change Leader

  • The CEO keeps the organization focused on the big picture reason for change. He or she understands competing agendas and through skilled relationship building can persuade and influence others to support a particular course of action. He or she works to advance change through collaboration throughout and beyond the organization and can course correct when unexpected challenges arise

Leads with Empathy, Integrity and Compassion

  • The CEO demonstrates genuine care and compassion for others, working to motivate colleagues and stakeholders into action for accomplishing needed tasks and objectives. This includes taking time to understand and respect the perspectives of others as he or she works to create focus around executing on key priorities. The CEO stays true to commitments, keeps confidences, and takes ownership of mistakes

Values Based Leadership

  • The CEO believes in the principles of the cooperative model and the importance of embedding those values into day-to-day action

Communication and Persuasion Skills

  • Communicating clearly and effectively, the CEO demonstrates the ability to negotiate and persuade skillfully in difficult situations, thoughtfully identifying creative solutions



An excellent compensation package awaits the successful candidate.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume in Word or PDF format to: Copy and Paste the following job title and code and place it in the subject line of your email so we can identify the job and confirm receipt of your application:
AMYY-314744 Chief Executive Officer- SaskCentral - SK - Regina (OTIAPPLY)

Please note that only those candidates meeting the selection criteria, established by our client, will be contacted further. Although we may not contact you directly for this particular role, all applications will be reviewed as we would like to consider you for future opportunities that may be appropriate. We encourage you to continue to visit our website at as our opportunities are updated on a regular basis.