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Current Opportunities

Chief Executive Officer – Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board


The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (SaskWCB) has a legislated mandate to deliver workplace insurance to Saskatchewan employers and benefits to Saskatchewan workers if they are hurt at work.    The SaskWCB is governed by a three-person, full-time Board of Directors (BoD).  The Chief Executive Officer reports to the BoD and is supported by an executive team of five. 

Anchored by the Meredith Principles, the vision of the SaskWCB is to eliminate injuries and restore abilities.   Their mission is to be a customer-centric organization that continuously seeks to add value for their customers through a culture of Continuous Process Improvement.   SaskWCB values guide their actions and decisions: 

  • Safety – we relentlessly pursue Mission: Zero ensuring all employees have the healthy and safe workplace they deserve
  • Respect for People – we recognize the value and worth of each individual and their contribution to our success and we treat everyone in an open, honest and dignified way
  • Excellence – we strive for perfection and seek improvement and innovation every day in how we carry out our work in service of our customers
  • Collaboration – we work hand-in-hand with our partners and with our customers to deliver on their expectations and meet their needs
  • Customer Focused – we create an exceptional experience for all our customers and we bring their perspective to the forefront of our conversations and improvement efforts

The SaskWCB has distinguished itself as a high performing organization relative to its peers across Canada.   The organization is recognized as a Top 100 Employer with approximately 450 team members located in Regina (370) and Saskatoon (80) who provide a wide range of programs and services to employers and injured workers.   According to the 2017 annual report, the SaskWCB continues to achieve strong financial performance and remains fully funded, with sufficient assets to cover the future costs of all claims in the system.

The SaskWCB has built a foundation for this financial performance by taking a strategic, risk-aware approach to its development, setting targets and measuring success through its balanced scorecard.  Committed to being a customer-centric organization and providing excellent service to workers and employers, SaskWCB has evolved their Corporate Beliefs (i.e., people, Mission: Zero, financial, timeliness and quality), as an underpinning to building stronger alignment with respect to their Continuous Process Improvement journey.    SaskWCB leadership strives to create a culture and work environment that provides purpose and meaning for their people, enabling staff to attain their collective vision, engaging them in identifying opportunities to improve their processes and ultimately empowering them to make meaningful changes in service of their customers.

Due to the recent retirement announcement from their current Chief Executive Officer, SaskWCB is seeking a new Chief Executive Officer to further advance their journey.  The Board is seeking a distinguished, accountable leader who has proven her/his commitment to excellence in customer service; who thrives in a culture of continuous improvement; is an effective steward of their organization’s people and resources; and leads their organization, with passion, toward a sustainable future.

If you are a leader who is equally as passionate as the SaskWCB Board, executive team and employees about making a difference for workers and employers in Saskatchewan, while desiring to take your own career to a whole new level of challenge, satisfaction and achievement, we want to hear from you!

You can learn more about the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board by visiting .



Job Title: Chief Executive Officer

Reports to: Board of Directors

Direct Reports: Chief Financial Officer, Vice-President Process Improvement & Administration, Vice-President Prevention & Employer Services, Vice-President Operations, Vice-President Human Resources & Communications, Appeals Department, Corporate Solicitor

Indirect Reports: Approximately 450

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan



The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), is the chief administrative officer of the WCB, appointed by the Board of Directors (BoD).  The CEO is responsible for the leadership and management of the WCB in accordance with the strategies and policies as established by the BoD.  The CEO will manage the operations of the WCB, applying the strategies and annual plans, the financial and operational objectives and the policies established by the BoD; monitor the results; and accurately report them to the BoD of the WCB in a timely manner.  In addition to the key accountabilities below, the CEO shall support the Board members in the performance of their accountabilities by the provision of appropriate information and recommendations.

Key Accountabilities

The CEO models the importance of and builds the WCB’s capability for establishing and nurturing key stakeholder and industry relationships (e.g., employer and employee representative organizations, AWCBC, IAIABC etc.) to ensure the organization is listening to, learning from, contributing to and benchmarking against best practices as foundation to its work.

WCB is committed to establishing a culture of Continuous Process Improvement to enhance the injured worker and employer customer experiences.  The CEO is the executive champion of this culture change, providing mentoring and coaching support to the VP team and through them, all managers and employees to create clarity, alignment and effective implementation of goals, strategies, policies, principles, processes, methods and standard work that enables all employees to be ever more effective problem-solvers for WCB customers’ needs.



  • Provide leadership to senior management and the WCB staff with respect to integrity, ethical conduct, respect of others and commitment to performance excellence.
  • Provide support to the Board in the effective fulfillment of their governance mandate, terms of reference, decision-making authority and stewardship of WCB.
  • Coach and mentor the senior leadership team, and others as required, to ensure the information and support provided to the Board adds value to the Board in its work.
  • Ensure the Board is provided the resources and expertise it requires to do its work well.
  • Contribute to a healthy, constructive, high-functioning Board-CEO interface.

Key Deliverables include:  legislative change and governance policy proposal; general policy input; and knowledge management support.


Set Direction and Lead a Culture of Continuous Process Improvement

  • Provide leadership to the WCB direction setting process, including appropriate engagement of stakeholders and staff, gaining approval from Board, creating internal and external alignment, and provide oversight, monitoring and coaching to execution of approved direction.
  • Model and reinforce foundational importance of WCB Corporate Beliefs, and Continuous Process Improvement principles, systems and methods.
  • Model accountable, effective behavior through coaching and mentorship of direct report team as they strive to provide leadership that inspires Continuous Process Improvement behavior throughout the organization.
  • Evolve a ‘customer-centric’ organization, focused on high-quality customer service for injured workers and employers, achieved through persistent pursuit, by all, of Continuous Process Improvement.

Key Deliverables include:  strategic and operational plan; annual report; employer premium rate recommendations; annual administrative and capital budget; corporate performance framework; regular progress reports against plans; corporate social responsibility policies; ensuring recommended policies and operating procedures are congruent with legislation and mandate.


Human Resource Management

  • Ensure that the human resource management policies, practices and programs support the approved strategic direction, operational priorities and WCB employees as problem-solvers in pursuit of high-quality customer experiences.
  • Establish and lead a strong, capable executive management team; developing WCB leadership capability and capacity and depth more broadly.
  • Provide depth and diversity of talent through effective talent management processes and practices.
  • Elevate WCB employee engagement, provide clear expectations and ensure they have the resources, tools, training and coaching they require to be successful.
  • Establish and maintain a healthy, safe, positive, productive, innovative work environment and culture of Continuous Process Improvement.

Key Deliverables include: effective organization structure with clear responsibilities and authorities; clear compensation philosophy and policies, including recommended collective bargaining mandates that support strategic direction; appropriate human resource policies and practices, congruent with WCB values and enabling of strategic direction; effective processes to employ, train, support, monitor and assess employees to enable high levels of performance; and leadership succession plans, including recommended executive development plans.


Corporate Communications

  • Identify and implement strategies to build and protect the WCB’s public image and credibility and facilitate the accomplishment of its mission.
  • Represent the WCB publicly (e.g., doing presentations, public speaking etc.) in a manner that informs, maintains and enhances relationships with customers, partners and stakeholders.
  • Advise the Board in a timely fashion of any issues, events or pending matters that may have significant impact on WCB relationships with stakeholders, the Minister responsible for the administration of The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013, the Saskatchewan Government or the general public, or that may place the resources or reputation of the WCB at risk.

Key Deliverables include: annual communications plans as part of annual operational plan.


Financial Performance & Risk Management

  • Together with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), attest to the accuracy of and recommend the approval of the WCB’s annual audited financial statements and the annual audited financial statements for the Pension Plan of The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board.
  • Establish adequate internal controls and management information systems to safeguard the WCB’s assets and to achieve the WCB’s strategic objectives and conform to prudent management practices.
  • Recommend investment management policies in respect of the Fund and the appointment of consultants, advisors, managers and custodians.
  • Recommend classifications of employers by industry groupings, rates to be set for the assessment of the employer and rate rebates for employers.
  • Identify, monitor and manage the principal risks facing the WCB and develop strategies to adequately respond to those risks.
  • Monitor compliance with legislation, regulations and the WCB policies.

Key Deliverables include: annual audited financial statements; internal controls and safeguards for WCB assets; investment management policies; employer classification by industry groups, rate assessment and/or rebate recommendations; risk assessment and risk management plan; and compliance with legislation, regulation and policies.


Additionally, the CEO shall perform such other functions as may be delegated, from time to time, by the Board.


Opportunities and Challenges

  • Build on the track record of success to enhance SaskWCB performance relative to its peer group.
  • Stay abreast of evolving stakeholder needs through effective engagement of employer and employee representative groups and partners.
  • Shape and execute strategy that enables WCB to navigate the uncertainty of the political, social and economic factors impacting the organization.
  • Assume leadership of a highly functioning, intact executive management team.
  • Guide the organization through its Continuous Process Improvement journey, setting clear customer experience goals and tapping the enthusiasm and expertise of the WCB team to achieve them.
  • Advance the stewardship of SaskWCB financial assets, given volatility of financial markets, uncertainty in trade and Saskatchewan’s role in the global market.
  • Work with a highly committed, appointed Board of Directors, who bring unique perspectives to their role with SaskWCB.


  • Meaningful leadership role in a government agency that has a strong financial foundation, committed employer and worker representation, and direct and meaningful impact on occupational health and safety while supporting injured workers and restoring their abilities.
  • Build meaningful interactions and relationships with employer and worker representative groups and health & safety partners among others to help inform governance, strategic and operational goals.
  • Build your career experience and reputation as an executive leader who can nurture a culture of Continuous Process Improvement in pursuit of excellence for customer-centered, high quality service.
  • Coach and mentor leaders within the organization and broader system to strengthen the ‘leadership capability’ across the occupational health & safety and workers’ compensation eco-system.
  • Learn from and influence evolution of workers’ compensation best practices in Canada and beyond.



Success in the first year will be determined by the candidate’s ability to:

  • Build trust and confidence of the Board and Executive Management; a positive, constructive ‘tone at the top; achieve 2019 targets.
  • Develop relationships within the Ministry including office of the Minister.
  • Lead meaningful interactions and built relationships with stakeholder groups and partners.
  • Take ownership and lead a culture of Continuous Process Improvement; engaged!
  • Ask great questions; advanced their understanding of SaskWCB strategic context and beginning to influence strategy.
  • Determine and gain Board support for how best to contribute to National and International peer organizations, leverage the learning to the benefit of SaskWCB.



The successful candidate will have the following:


  • Strong business / financial acumen and executive leadership capability evident from an appropriate combination of education and experience


  • Directly relevant workers’ compensation industry experience an asset; related sectors such as occupational health and safety, financial services, insurance, investment management, pension / benefit management may provide foundation for success
  • Proven ability to grasp and explain, in simple to understand manner, complex concepts involving sophisticated financial /actuarial or equivalent content to stakeholders
  • Leadership experience ideally includes executive level operational team leadership and functional team leadership
  • Believer in and proven leader of Continuous Process Improvement with referenceable examples of leading enterprise wide Continuous Process Improvement culture change
  • Managerial leadership in a multi-stakeholder environment where understanding and expertly balancing the dynamic tensions associated with the needs, preferences and aspirations of private, public and labor representative organizations.
  • Extensive governance experience reporting to a board and/or serving as a director on boards would be of value

Competencies and Attributes

  • Understanding of and commitment to Meredith Principles
  • Authentic, genuine desire to make a difference – prevent injuries and disability
  • Visionary, strategic thinking; ability to tie plans and objectives back to the strategy
  • Customer focus, balancing the interests of workers and employers
  • Ability to build trusting internal and external relationships
  • A proven champion of Continuous Process Improvement, with stories of successful implementation and transformation to draw upon and motivate the team
  • Humble, friendly, empathetic leader with an appropriate sense of humor
  • Inspiring others, collaboration, being a team-player
  • Self-motivation, initiating independently
  • Driving achievement, building sense of ownership, accountability
  • Someone who is politically astute
  • Seeking innovation, curiosity, asking great questions
  • Leading decisively and courageously, yet being a calming influence
  • Ability to absorb and understand complex systems and processes (e.g., actuarial methods, rate setting, investment strategies, funding strategies etc.)



An excellent compensation package awaits the successful candidate.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume in Word or PDF format to: Copy and Paste the following job title and code and place it in the subject line of your email so we can identify the job and confirm receipt of your application:
AGHO-347816 Chief Executive Officer – Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board - SK - Regina (OTIAPPLY)

Please note that only those candidates meeting the selection criteria, established by our client, will be contacted further. Although we may not contact you directly for this particular role, all applications will be reviewed as we would like to consider you for future opportunities that may be appropriate. We encourage you to continue to visit our website at as our opportunities are updated on a regular basis.