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Current Opportunities

Chief Executive Officer – Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission


The APMC is a Crown corporation established in 1974 under the Petroleum Marketing Act. It is a wholly owned, arms-length Provincial Agency of the Government of Alberta:

  • The APMC is accountable to and receives policy direction from the Minister of Energy. Within the energy sector, the APMC operates as the commercial arm of the Government of Alberta.
  • The APMC is responsible for executing its mandate in relation to:
    • Marketing the Crown’s conventional oil royalty received in kind and determining prices for royalty calculation;
    • Adding value to Alberta’s energy resources;
    • Expanding access to global energy markets; and
    • Providing analysis and advice to the Ministry of Energy

Conventional Oil Royalties in Kind (CORIK)

The APMC is responsible for taking delivery of the Crown’s royalty share of crude oil that is received in kind and monetizing (marketing) that oil to achieve the maximum value. The APMC is also responsible for financial reporting, implementing policy and designing processes to satisfy its mandate under the Petroleum Marketing Act. Under the current process, producers deliver the Crown royalty share of crude oil to the account of the APMC at 170 pipelines and terminals from 5,000 delivery points. A private sector marketing agent (90%) and the APMC (10%) schedule the movement and contract for the sale of the delivered crude oil. The net revenue (total sales less purchases, less transportation and other pipeline costs) generated from monthly crude oil sales is transferred to monthly. The APMC is also responsible for determining prices used for royalty calculations for crude oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids and sulphur.

Adding Value to Alberta’s Energy Resources

The APMC is responsible for exploring new value-added opportunities for oil and bitumen, natural gas and natural gas liquids, and vetting proposals coming to the Government of Alberta in these areas. The APMC actively engages with industry proponents to understand and assess opportunities to enhance the value of Alberta’s hydrocarbon resources where the proponents are seeking greater Government understanding or potential commercial involvement in their proposals. Engagements have included a range of proponents seeking to develop partial upgrading, upgrading, refining and petrochemical projects.

The APMC continues to steward its existing commitments to the North West Redwater Partnership related to the Sturgeon Refinery commercial agreements.

Expanding Access to Global Energy Markets

The APMC is responsible for exploring new opportunities for building new markets for oil and gas products within North America and abroad, providing advice on and implementing business arrangements to improve access to current and new markets, and vetting proposals coming into Government in these areas. The APMC actively engages with upstream, midstream and downstream industry players to understand and assess opportunities. The APMC has been engaged on a global basis, has had discussions with major international marketing, refining, petrochemicals and infrastructure companies to identify opportunities to enhance market access for Alberta’s hydrocarbon production and products.

For further information about Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission, please visit their website at



The Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission (APMC) is seeking applications from individuals for the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Reporting to the Board of Directors appointed by the Minister of Energy, the CEO provides the strategic vision, planning and operational leadership to obtain the best value from sale of royalty production and management of business arrangements as well as provide strategic advice on energy market and diversification opportunities

This position requires executive level management experience in oil and gas, refining, or joint venture management, proven leadership skills and the ability to actively facilitate collaborative working relationships with others to strategically and effectively influence colleagues and other decision makers, and to effectively represent the interests of APMC as Agent of the Crown.

The CEO develops and leads an effective and innovative organization to achieve APMC’s mandate including performance objectives that reflect market requirements. The CEO recruits, hires, motivates and retains staff to effectively meet the accountabilities of the APMC. This position has operational leadership of a small team of about 20.

The CEO addresses issues that affect APMC as Agent of the Crown managing the sale of Alberta’s royalty share of oil, oversight of existing business arrangements and advice to enter into new strategic business arrangements. The CEO is accountable for managing the APMC’s interests in the refinery and meeting APMC’s obligations related to its agreements, as well as, ongoing crude oil sales and other strategic initiatives.



Main strategic functions of the role include:

Marketing the Crown’s conventional oil royalty received in kind and setting prices used in the valuation of the Crown royalty share of natural gas, natural gas liquids, and sulphur.

  • Responsible for marketing the conventional oil royalties which can range between 25,000 and 70,000 barrels per day.
    • Select, engage, and monitor private sector marketing agents as appropriate, and market the balance of the conventional oil royalties directly.
    • Develop and implement structures for control and financial reporting on these activities.

Adding value to Alberta’s energy resources

  • Manage the agreements with the North West Redwater Partnership related to the Sturgeon Refinery through playing an active role in the ongoing governance of the refinery:
    • As Alberta’s voting member, actively participate in the Executive Leadership Committee, Operations Committee and other sub-committees to govern the commissioning, start-up, financing and operations of the Refinery and report on results as part of the monthly financial reporting cycle and annual financial statements.
    • Ensure that activities undertaken by North West Redwater Partnership in its roles as operator of the refinery are appropriate and comply with the terms of the contracts.

Expanding access to global energy markets

  • Actively engage with industry proponents who are seeking greater government understanding or commercial involvement related to infrastructure and market development activities.
    • Manage the 20 year commitment with TransCanada’s Energy East Pipeline aimed at extracting maximum value for Albertan’s by representing APMC in shipper meetings.

Act as the commercial arm of the Alberta Ministry of Energy by advancing and executing the work of the Government of Alberta to sustain, expand and diversify Alberta’s energy sector.

  • Work with the Minister, Energy Executive, and the APMC Board to obtain policy direction to guide the work of APMC.
  • Provide business and industry perspectives to the Minister and Ministry as appropriate.
  • Partnering with and participating on government policy initiatives as required by the Government of Alberta and by leading the implementation of activities to support government policy directions as they emerge.



This position requires executive level management experience or extensive senior management experience in order to effectively:

  • Demonstrate leadership: Ability to inspire and lead a diverse group of professionals with a strategic focus and continuous drive for results.
  • Build collaboration and teamwork: Ability to effectively lead a collaborative environment with key stakeholders to achieve common targets and results.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and expertise: Demonstrates the skills, knowledge and professional competencies required of the position and uses expertise to lead and advance the objectives of APMC, the Ministry of Energy and the Province of Alberta as a whole.
  • Utilize strategic business sense: Ability to recognize internal and external trends in the provincial/national/international energy environments in order to understand the impact on the Government of Alberta and use this knowledge to develop strategies that ensure organizational success.
  • Influence and persuade: Ability to apply business sense, knowledge, and acumen to build support and advance the position of the organization.
  • Focus on results: Ability to demonstrate a focus on and deliver results by setting clear expectations and goals and measuring and communicating performance.



To be successful in the position, specialized knowledge is required in:

  • Petroleum marketing, particularly heavy oil and refined products marketing, pricing and logistics
  • Finance, including debt market experience, major project capital accounting as well as operational accounting, controls and financial reporting. APMC prepares complete financial statements following International Financial Reporting Standards.
  • Legal, including major agreement monitoring and contract change management
  • Supply contracts, supplier of choice arrangements, sole source and competitive bid processes and commodity supply contracts
  • Marketing strategy, particularly for bitumen, heavy oil, conventional oil and liquids and refined products
  • Understanding of international petroleum markets

In addition, this position requires specific skills and knowledge to lead an active role as a voting member in the governance of the Sturgeon Refinery including:

  • Knowledge of, and experience with refinery operations, including construction, commissioning and start-up and operation and maintenance of large plants and/or complex refineries
  • Project management skills, including in depth monitoring of progress/performance
  • Demonstrated ability to manage investment risk
    • Knowledge and experience with contract negotiations, legal frameworks, and joint venture management
    • Relationship management skills
    • Skills, knowledge and experience relative to other risk areas
  • Strong business acumen



This position is subject to the principles outlined in the Reform of Agencies, Boards, and Commissions Act and its regulations and will be subject to any future changes to the Act and regulations.

This position may also be designated to be subject to the provisions of the Conflict of Interest Act or Public Service Act, and as a result, upon designation, the position will comply with all obligations and requirements outlined in the Conflict of Interest Act or Public Service Act and/or any regulations listed under these Acts including obligations and requirements.

This is a fixed term position for not more than 6 years.

Information on compensation and benefits can be found here:

Annual public disclosure of compensation and the contract of employment are required for this position.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume in Word or PDF format to: Copy and Paste the following job title and code and place it in the subject line of your email so we can identify the job and confirm receipt of your application:
AEFN-802508 Chief Executive Officer – Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission - AB - Calgary and Area

Please note that only those candidates meeting the selection criteria, established by our client, will be contacted further. Although we may not contact you directly for this particular role, all applications will be reviewed as we would like to consider you for future opportunities that may be appropriate. We encourage you to continue to visit our website at as our opportunities are updated on a regular basis.