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Current Opportunities

Board Member – The Sinneave Family Foundation


The Sinneave Family Foundation (Sinneave) is a charitable operating foundation created in 2008 to address the challenges experienced by emerging adults with autism. They host a variety of activities and work with partners toward a vision that individuals with autism are supported in the transition to adulthood to realize their highest quality of life.


Their mission is achieved by targeting energy and resources to share promising practices, build system capacity and foster policy development in the areas of:

  • Continuing Education
  • Employment
  • Independent Living


Their approach is to work at the individual, family, community and system levels and across broad networks to improve outcomes for emerging adults with autism.

They leverage collective impact for sustainable change.

Sinneave has over $120M under investment and uses the return on these investments to fund its ongoing activities. Sinneave has an approved budget of $5.8M for 2020. Of these amounts, $1.4M is funded by Federal Grants for the EmploymentWorks National Project and $4.4 M is funded by investment and other income. EmploymentWorks is offered across the country and helps Canadians with autism build the skills of employment and participate in the labour market. For more information about EmploymentWorks, please visit the project website at

For further information about The Sinneave Family Foundation, please visit their website at



Board of Directors

As a member of The Sinneave Family Foundation Board of Directors, you will have the opportunity to offer valuable input and strategic direction to help advance Sinneave’s vision that individuals with autism realize their highest quality of life.

The governance role of the Board of Directors is to further Sinneave’s vision and mission by establishing organizational direction and monitoring progress.

Key Accountabilities

As a member of the Board of Directors, you will be responsible for working effectively with the Board and senior leadership team in relation to the following:

Strategy and Structure:

  • Providing strategic leadership.
  • Determining the organizations vision and values to guide and set the pace for its current operations and future developments.
  • Determining the strategies and plans that underpin the organization’s overall strategic focus.
  • Ensuring that the organizational structure and capability are appropriate for implementing the chosen strategies.
  • Employing and evaluating the performance of the President.

Performance and Management:

  • Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of policies, strategies and business plans.
  • Determining monitoring criteria to be used by the Board.
  • Ensuring that internal controls are effective (risk management, financial and operational control, and compliance).


  • Ensuring the organization’s financial viability and sustainability.
  • Ensuring that resources are effective managed.


  • Being knowledgeable about Sinneave’s values, mission, activities and performance.
  • Being an ambassador for the organization and promoting its work in the community.
  • Ensuring that communications both to and from relevant stakeholders are effective, including communication with senior management.



Specialized Knowledge & Experience:

In 2020, The Sinneave Family Foundation is seeking up to three individuals to join their Board of Directors experienced in:

  • Government relations;
  • Lived experience with autism;
  • Community / Social Service / Disability Sector experience from a research, evaluation, practical application or front-line delivery perspective; and
  • Financial management and risk oversight.



To carry out these responsibilities, the Board typically meets from 9:00 1:00 p.m. four times per year.

In addition to attendance at Board meetings, Directors are required to participate on one of three standing Board committees (Governance & Program Committee; Audit & Risk Committee; Investment Committee) that generally meet quarterly for approximately 60-90 minutes in person or via telephone or video conference. Preparation for Board and committee meetings is essential and should be factored into the overall time commitment expected from Board members.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume in Word or PDF format to: Copy and Paste the following job title and code and place it in the subject line of your email so we can identify the job and confirm receipt of your application:
ADVK-838546 Board Member – The Sinneave Family Foundation - AB - Calgary (OTIAPPLY)

Please note that only those candidates meeting the selection criteria, established by our client, will be contacted further. Although we may not contact you directly for this particular role, all applications will be reviewed as we would like to consider you for future opportunities that may be appropriate. We encourage you to continue to visit our website at as our opportunities are updated on a regular basis.