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10 Leadership & Career Tips for the Holiday Season

by Optimum Talent
November 21, 2017

With the holiday season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to review some of our best holiday leadership and career management advice:

  1. Eat, drink, and be merry! This season is ideal for networking. Keep a supply of business cards on hand, and be prepared to follow-up after the event with a “great-to-meet-you” email.  – Lynn Catenazzi, Vice President, Operations & Client Relations
  2. Think of others and be open to new traditions. Extend this to an ongoing effort to seek out diverse insights that can provide the basis for competitive advantage.  – Peder Jacobsen, Vice President, Leadership, Assessment & Development
  3. Life comes into sharper focus during the holidays. Set your mobile device to “do not disturb” when celebrating with family, friends, and colleagues. Your best present to those you care for is to be present.  – Frances Sardone, Director, Career Transition & Outplacement
  4. Influential leadership requires a solid network inside and outside your organization. Use holiday events to meet new people. It’s an easy time to connect – everyone is happy! – Jocelyn Berard, National Practice Leader, Leadership, Assessment & Development
  5. Use the positive spirit and introspection brought by the holiday season to sow seeds of excitement for the plans and challenges of the New Year.  – David Gardner, Senior Consultant
  6. The holidays are a great time to reflect on where you are in your career. What’s driving your passion at work? What’s blocking your energy? What do you need to do more of or less of? Set goals to take charge.  – Sandra Boyd, National Practice Leader, Career Transition & Outplacement
  7. Leave business talk at the office. When attending social events and holiday parties focus on connecting with your team; especially with those colleagues you don’t have much interaction with. Get to know them on a personal level and ask about their families and holiday traditions. Allow them to see you as an approachable and engaged listener.  – Tricia Mullen, National Practice Leader, Executive Search & Recruitment Solutions
  8. If you find yourself overwhelmed during the holidays, your first defence is to accept that you’re stressed and move to a healthier place in your mind. Our brain is very loyal, if we give it a break, it will recover very quickly, and you can get back on task. -Carlos Davidovich, Vice President & Executive Coach, Neuromanagement
  9. Corporate holiday events provide an opportunity to make a positive impression. A name badge goes on your right side, a beverage in your left hand, and put your phone away.  – Jane Watson, Vice President, Career Transition & Outplacement
  10. Time is tight during this time of year and it is challenging for colleagues to juggle both work and personal commitments. As a leader, you can recognize this by being flexible, leading by example, showing thanks to your team, and building excitement about the year ahead.  – Mike Bacchus, Chief Executive Officer

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