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Team Effectiveness

Effective teams are the engine of an organization. When focused and goal oriented they can produce timely, high quality results. And when that team is your Executive Leadership, the potential is even greater.

At Optimum Talent our Team Effectiveness service is ideally suited for:

  • Organizations executing a new strategic direction,
  • Teams struggling to execute their mandate, and
  • Newly formed executive teams.

Unlock the Power of Diversity

When organizations meet a minimum threshold for diversity their operational performance can improve by up to 50%. Diversity is a strong tool, but diversity without mutual understanding and alignment can create challenges.

All teams, whether newly formed or welcoming new members, will benefit from different problem-solving styles, motivations, and means of self-assessment. But without mutual understanding, these differences have the potential to lead to conflict instead of progress.

Our Team Effectiveness services will guide you through self-assessments, team-assessments, goal alignment exercises to create mutual understanding of the team’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, the team can develop competencies supporting strategy execution.

When you know which team members will excel in different situation, everyone can put their best foot forward when it’s needed the most.


Business First

Our Team Effectiveness services adhere to a “business first” philosophy. Every step of our process is designed to bring you closer to achieving your business objectives. That could be increasing revenues, creating a leaner workforce, or improving your organization’s ability to collaborate remotely. No matter the imperative, our Team Effectiveness service will be customized to the unique needs of your organization and will target all four elements of healthy teams: self-awareness, direction, trust, and cohesion.

Our Approach


Interview: We conduct individual interviews with every team members and hold a working session to summarize key business imperatives and strategic challenges.

We provide individual SuccessFinder assessments followed by 1-on-1 feedback sessions for each team member, including the team leader. The purpose of the assessment is to reveal team member’s natural strengths and development challenges, and understand how they collective fit together.


Profile: We establish the team leadership profile by using comparative data and integrating the individual results.

: We identify the core competencies required to execute the business strategy, manage potential challenges, and champions who can support the team development in areas with the lowest scores.

We present results and practical exercises in full- or half-day workshops. To help team members prioritize the strengths they will leverage collectively, recognize key areas of improvement, and create actionable solutions to address their challenges.

Why Choose Optimum Talent?

We Listen. We start every engagement by listening. We take the time to understand your needs and identify the best internal resources to support your team.

We Communicate. From the very beginning, you’ll know where we are on your engagement because we’ll regularly update you on our progress. We’re transparent about our approach.

We Respect Your Brand. We know how hard you’ve worked to build your reputation and how hard we’ve worked to build our own. You can trust us to treat every member of your organization with respect. We can be trusted to act with integrity.

We Value Objectivity. Our team effectiveness solutions use assessment data and neuromanagement. This allows our practitioners to offer suggestions and design development plans based on fact, not gut feelings and sentiment.

We Believe in Partnership. Working with us is easy. Our flexible service and coast-to-coast coverage makes implementation and customer service convenient and efficient.

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