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Neuromanagement is bringing a new understanding to leadership and organizational performance, and through it we have discovered how to improve communication, leadership, productivity, and innovation.

As an organization competing for market share and talent, great leaders and happy employees with a positive attitude can be your competitive advantage.

“We are not thinking machines that feel, but emotional machines that think.”
– Dr. Antonio Damasio

Neuromanagement is a scientific approach to management that explores economic, managerial, and behavioral issues through the lens of mental processes and brain activity (reaction).

Accepting emotions as a valuable (and unavoidable) reality of the workplace is the first step in improving organizational performance. As “emotional machines that think” we teach our leaders to focus on practices that are genuine, to recognize the emotional state of their team members, and to be more aware of the impact their actions have on those around them.

By building awareness of the scientific foundations of human behavior, leaders at all levels can become better equipped to support their teams and align them with the organization’s strategic direction.

Centre for Neuromanagement


Dr. Carlos Davidovich uses humour and wit to illustrate how neuromanagement can create sustainable change in leaders and their organizations.


Full and half-day seminars for all levels of leadership and talent. Such as: Impactful Feedback, Having Difficult Conversations, Leading Through Change, and Overcoming Bias.


Individual and team coaching with a neuromanagement lens to increase self-awareness, accelerate mindset shifts, and build emotional intelligence.

The Optimum Talent Centre for Neuromanagement is overseen by Dr. Carlos Davidovich. Carlos received a psychology degree in Spain, a medical degree in Argentina, an MBA in Switzerland and coaching credentials from the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. He is a professor of Neuromanagement in the MBA program at the University of New York in Prague (UNYP) and a guest lecturer for the EMBA program at the Rotman School of Management in Toronto. He is also a faculty member at the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School affiliate, a member of the Neuroleadership Institute and the NMSBA (NeuroMarketing Science & Business Association).

Why Choose Optimum Talent?

We Listen. We start every engagement by listening. We take the time to understand your needs and identify the best internal resource to support your team.

We Communicate. From the very beginning, you’ll know where we are on your engagement because we’ll regularly update you on our progress. We’re transparent about our approach.

We Respect Your Brand. We know how hard you’ve worked to build your reputation and how hard we’ve worked to build our own. You can trust us to treat every member of your organization with respect. We can be trusted to act with integrity.

We Use Science. Our solutions use assessment data and neuromanagement. This allows our practitioners to offer suggestions based on fact, not gut feelings and sentiment.

We Believe in Partnership. Working with us is easy. Our flexible service and coast-to-coast coverage makes implementation and customer service convenient and efficient.

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