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Conflict Resolution & Harassment Investigation


Workplace conflict and harassment can significantly impact engagement, productivity and the health and wellbeing of employees. Whether it’s discrimination, bullying, or sexual harassment, employers are legally obligated to take prompt action and investigate allegations to maintain a safe and respectful workplace.

While most minor incidents can be handled internally, human resource teams often seek out external support to handle serious allegations, such as those involving senior management, to safeguard the business.  At Optimum Talent we have the expertise to discreetly and thoroughly conduct these investigations in a timely manner with a high-degree of objectivity and professionalism.

Our Conflict Resolution & Harassment Investigation Services Help Organizations To:

  • Act In The Best Interest Of Their Employees
  • Maintain Productivity And Engagement
  • Protect Their Brand And Reputation
  • Draw Unbiased Conclusions

Our Approach

Optimum Talent


Meet with client to review full scope of the allegation ensuring proper documentation of facts, objectives and if required, provide direction on immediate actions.

Optimum Talent


Facilitate interviews with complainant and alleged harasser to gather information regarding the situation. We also conduct interviews with witnesses to get their accounts.

Optimum Talent


Review and evaluate company policies, interview notes, and relevant physical evidence to ensure completeness of investigation and compile findings.

Optimum TalentReport

Submit findings and recommendations in a final detailed report and debrief with client on next steps.


The outlined approach is our standard approach. However, we understand that each situation varies and with it so does our approach.