Career Transition:

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Get Support With:
  • Career planning + assessment
  • Resume development + optimization
  • Creating your professional online profile
  • Networking training + events
  • Interview preparation

Career Management


As companies have evolved and the freedom and rights of employees have proliferated, the task of career management planning has rightfully fallen to the employee. Be free, they were told, and follow your passion.


Unfortunately, no one told them how.

Building A Career Culture

Managers of today’s organizations often don’t feel they have time to dedicate to their team. But the conversations, encouragement, and direction provided in the management of people is incredibly beneficial.

Building a career culture within your organization not only bolsters achievement and heightens productivity, it also elevates your brand as an employer and increases the desirability of your workplace.

At Optimum Talent, we help organizations in two ways: we teach managers how to have career conversations with their staff and we teach employees how to take accountability for their careers. When managers are open and honest and employees are equipped and accountable, more energy can be directed to fruitful activities. Everyone is performing.

Our Approach

Organizational Assessment

We partner with you in designing your career management strategy, incorporating the programs that are already in place at the organization, and addressing any existing gaps.


Optimum Talent runs two workshops, one for employees and one for managers: Successfully Navigating and Managing your Career and The Art of Career Coaching Conversations.


SuccessFinder Self-Assessment Tool

The SuccessFinder Assessment produces a complete behavioural profile that gives individuals increased self-awareness and helps them to authentically communicate their strengths and weaknesses.


Coaching is an optional component available to both managers and employees. Sessions can be 1-2 hours, or can be offered as a bucket from which the entire organization draws.