Career Transition:

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Get Support With:
  • Career planning + assessment
  • Resume development + optimization
  • Creating your professional online profile
  • Networking training + events
  • Interview preparation


Recruitment, leadership development, and career transition are simultaneously simple and complex. Simple because of the process, complex because human beings are emotional creatures with a spectrum of personal motivations.

To make decisions about your talent, you must understand who they are. Many organizations rely on biased opinions of managers to identify and develop their talent, which leads to mistakes and wasted resources.

At Optimum Talent, we offer Assessment through SuccessFinder because it provides an unbiased, high definition picture of an individual’s competencies, preferences, motivators, and potential. We believe it’s the best tool for making smart talent decisions that results in a complete profile void of human bias.

Using The SuccessFinder Assessment We Can:

  • Identify talent gaps
  • Select and hire the right new talent
  • Onboard new employees more effectively
  • Create a culture of engagement and performance
  • Identify HIPOs within your organization
  • Facilitate succession management
  • Select/promote the best leadership
  • Predict career success in a particular role
  • Align teams to a mandate
  • Structure better employee development initiatives
  • Design effective coaching programs
  • Assist with outplacement career discussions

Our Approach

Participants complete a cloud-based assessment available 24/7.

SuccessFinder generates a high-definition profile report.

Participants are debriefed by a certified Optimum Talent consultant.

Organizations can receive a report with aggregated data.

The Science Of SuccessFinder

SuccessFinder uses four decades of research and development to predict career satisfaction and success based on two discriminating factors: human behaviours and competencies.

Behaviours and competencies are the key differentiators in performance. High performers share a common subset of behaviors and competencies that they are extremely adept at using. SuccessFinder compares an individual’s personal profile with thousands of high-performing profiles to predict success in a role with 85% or higher accuracy.

It’s also the only career assessment to measure 85 statistically distinct behavioural scales (few other tests measure more than 30), and 35 specific career themes (few other measure more than 10) – all of which interface with 1,500 occupational titles (few measure more than 200) and 500+ career success benchmarks.

An Assessment For Entry Level to C-Suite

Unlike other assessment tools, SuccessFinder can be used for individuals at all levels of an organization.

Because of its comprehensive approach to behavioural assessment, SuccessFinder is just as effective in determining the potential success rate of a newly hired CEO as it is for an entry-level employee.

This allows your organization to remain consistent across geographies, employees, and levels of your organization by offering a single, effective solution that can be used as the foundation for decisions regarding your talents’ advancement, development, and potential.