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Job-Seekers: Please Keep It Positive

by Optimum Talent
May 28, 2018

Job-seekers who have been job-hunting for a lengthy period of time sometimes make mistakes. When an individual is frustrated with the current state of their career, their bitter emotions and desperation can become apparent to others. However, it is important when you are working with a search professional that you present your best self and uphold a positive approach.

As someone with nearly two decades of experience in the search and recruitment industry, I have interviewed countless individuals, many of whom have been laid off or are unhappy in their current role and are frantically seeking an opportunity. It is understandably stressful to be out of work or feel stuck in a role, but it’s crucial to remain strategic – and not show desperation. It is better to watch for suitable job opportunities than to apply for any available position. Be strategic and apply only for jobs that you truly believe would be a good fit, otherwise you may be overlooked when the right opportunity arises. As a retained Executive Search provider, we partner with our clients to find them the best possible candidates. We don’t rush to fill the seat. We take the time to research and network to find talent that has the right qualifications, but also fits with our clients’ team and culture. While our work with candidates is always based on respect, trust, and professionalism at the end of the day we are working on behalf of our clients, and you should keep this in mind when going through the job search process. Let me explain a bit further…

If you receive a follow-up call to your application or land an interview, please avoid bad-mouthing your previous or current employer(s). If you speak poorly of organizations you’ve worked for, a recruiter or potential future employer will question your character. The assumption is that if you are prone to criticizing your past employers, you would be inclined to do the same with future ones. Any negative comments that you make will be remembered – and you will consequently be remembered for having a bad or pessimistic attitude. Don’t assign blame for your unhappiness or situation. You are ultimately responsible for your own career. It is OK to have bitter emotions around your past employment or to be miserable in your role, but a recruiter is not meant to be your sounding board nor a career coach. A search expert is working to find the best candidate for the company and role. Your job is to impress the recruiter and demonstrate why you’d be the right person for the position – not to seek support or assurance from them.

Whether you’re unemployed or looking for a change, you have to prevent any bitter feelings from standing in the way of potential opportunity. A search professional and potential employer should see you in your best light. Don’t let what’s behind you stand in front of you.

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