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WEBINAR | Intersectionality Between Diversity, Inclusion and Mental Health With Sandra Boyd + Shieh-Chi Chen

Event    Mar 11 - 11, 2021

Mental health and diversity are critically important issues facing all organizations. While both are being talked about, what is missing from the conversation is the convergence of the two issues. Employees from diverse backgrounds can face a lack of representation, unconscious bias, and other stressors that impact their mental health in the workplace. Something which…

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WEBINAR RECORDING | The transformed workplace: Legal, leadership and mental health implications

Event    Feb 10 - 10, 2021

As we once again find ourselves in a world of remote work, leaders are faced with a new round of uncertainty. From the unknowns of what returning to the workplace will look like and when, to balancing the need for performance with supporting the mental health and wellbeing of employees, organizations are struggling to find…

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WEBINAR RECORDING | Unique Matters Men Face – Exploring Gender Differences

Event    Feb 4 - 4, 2021

As the pandemic continues to overwhelm us and cause strong emotions, fear and anxiety are at an all-time high. But for men, these feelings are often tucked away and hidden from others, especially in the workplace. Depression and suicide are ranked as the leading cause of death among males yet they are far less likely…

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WEBINAR RECORDING | Unique Matters Women Face – Exploring Gender Differences

Event    Jan 26 - 26, 2021

As we continue to face the uncertainty of COVID-19, our routines have once again been turned upside down. Companies are either allowing or requiring work from home arrangements, while lockdowns and school closures mean that families are spending a lot more time together at home. Even with a supportive partner, research shows that women still…

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WEBINAR RECORDING | The Pandemic + Artificial Intelligence

Event    Oct 22 - 22, 2020

Before the global pandemic swept across the globe, there were high hopes that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning would help governments, researchers and health care providers learn from past events and behaviour to help plot a response. It did not take long for those hopes to be dashed. AI may one day give us the…

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