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  • Career planning and assessment
  • Resume development and optimization
  • Creating your professional online profile
  • Networking training and events
  • Interview preparation

Recruitment Solutions

Talent is more important than ever to the success of an organization. Not only do high-performing individuals have an impact on business culture, strategic decisions, and leadership, they have an exponential effect on an organization’s ability to attract more top talent. Great people choose to work with great people. By prioritizing the quality of your workforce, you have the potential to become a top-choice employer among the talent you strive to acquire.

No two organizations, nor any two roles, are the same. That’s why our recruitment solutions allow for flexibility in their application and design, while maintaining the same targeted and thorough recruitment process you’re accustomed to. We work with our clients to find a solution that works for you – not the other way around.

Our Approach


Develop a clear and concise role profile.


Execute customized sourcing and recruitment strategy.


Develop a ranked candidate listing and conduct interviews.


Assist with selection of candidates and verify all credentials.


Follow-up and provide ongoing support to ensure success.

Interim Search

The world doesn’t behave according to the plans and strategies we set out in boardroom meetings. When the unexpected creates a sudden gap in your talent or leadership pool, immediate action is required. Our interim search services can provide you with executive and senior level talent in as little as five days, and on a contract basis.

By The Numbers

  • 3,500+ searches successfully completed
  • 13 offices across Canada
  • 250,000 prospective candidates in our database
  • 13,000 monthly visitors to our website

Why Choose Optimum Talent?

We Listen: Your successful candidate not only has “the right qualifications”, but also must fit with your team and culture. That’s why the start of every engagement begins with us, listening to you.  We take the time to understand your needs.

We Research: Since we believe every client and engagement is unique, we research each role and industry to identify where your successful candidate might be.  We don’t just bring you an available candidate. You can do that yourself. We want to bring you the best candidate.

We Communicate: From the very beginning, you’ll always know where we are on your engagement because we’ll be regularly updating you on our progress. We will be sure to provide you with the market feedback and intelligence we gather along the way. We’re transparent about our approach.

We Respect Your Brand: We know how hard you’ve worked to build your reputation. We also know how hard we’ve worked to build our own. You can trust us to treat every candidate with respect. You can trust us to act with integrity.

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