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Nov 6, 2018 -- 

Our colleague and NeuroManagement expert, Dr. Carlos Davidovich, will be speaking on a webinar conference for the International Coaching Federation regarding Workplace Anxiety.

In the workplace, which is increasingly 24/7 access due to social media and technology, anxiety is on the rise. Because of connectivity, it can be harder to escape these pressures without a clear-cut path being set. As coaches we work with a wide variety of people in a vast realm of work place circumstances. Using the core competencies as your framework to help your clients with finding ways to disconnect and recharge so they can better arm themselves against workplace anxiety is a great coaching skill.

Dr. Carlos Davidovich will be discussing how today’s business world is changing at an unprecedented rate, yet our resistance to change remains constant. Change is a persistent driver in organizations and can often hold us back from reaching our objectives. In order to realize our full potential, we must understand the impact change has on the brain, why we react to it in certain ways, and learn how to embrace it without resistance.


SPEAKER: Dr. Carlos Davidovich

DATE: Thursday November 6th, 2018