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CPHR Alberta | The ongoing implementation of HR Strategy – Calgary

Mar 12, 2020 -- 

Strategic talent management initiatives in an organization includes building a culture around learning and development. This engagement and retention strategy recognizes and fulfills employees’ career development goals. Setting clear objectives that include advancement opportunities will engage your team in their day-to-day, while encouraging enthusiasm about taking on new challenges. As a result, engaged employees build strong brands and understand their roles in turning brand aspirations into reality. With a strong brand, an organization increases its productivity; thrives during economic downturns; gains leverage in partnerships; and attracts the best talent. HR leaders recognize that strong brands are built through innovation by employees in every department. Employees who selectively engage with specific projects, meetings and influencers will help in building a focused reputation, which results in representing an organization’s brand through their personal leadership styles. To inspire innovation in the workplace, HR teams develop programs geared towards inclusive leadership strategies. Inclusive leaders practice self-awareness, live a shared vision, and create change. These leaders embody a leadership approach that appreciates diversity, welcomes individual contributions, and encourages full engagement in organizational decision-making.


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SPEAKER: Reena Sharma

DATE AND TIME: March 12, 2020 | 12:00pm – 1:30pm MST

LOCATION: Calgary, Alberta