Career Transition:

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Get Support With:
  • Career planning and assessment
  • Resume development and optimization
  • Creating your professional online profile
  • Networking training and events
  • Interview preparation

Outplacement & Career Transition

For decades, organizations offered outplacement support to departing employees because it was the right thing to do. Today, organizations recognize that providing career transition and outplacement support is not only a moral obligation, but it guards against operational and brand risk.

Organizations that invest in career transition and outplacement services for departing employees make a strategic decision to protect their brand’s reputation, maintain productivity, mitigate legal risk, and reduce stress levels for the departing employee’s manager and peers.


Organizational Benefits

  • Protect your brand
  • Maintain productivity
  • Mitigate operational risk
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Positively impact your ROI

Individual Benefits

  • Faster transitions
  • Access to “hidden” job opportunities
  • Connections to our alumni network
  • 12-month access to the Optimum Talent Career Management Portal

In Our Client’s Words …

“As our business is evolving, and we’re reshaping and redefining our reach with our customers, we are also reshaping and redefining our relationship with employees. To that end, we have had to ensure that we had the very best Outplacement, Leadership Coaching, and Talent Development partner along the way. Some of our “heavy lifting” projects could not have been met if it were not for Optimum Talent. Lynn, April, and the rest of the OT team stepped up to help us – across the country, where all of our offices are represented; and they did so with speed and responsiveness, and above all professionalism and care.”

Tina Tremblay
Director, Human Resources Operations
Xerox Canada Limited

Our Approach

Vanguard Technology


Expert Career Coaches



Measure Results


Online Career Transition & Outplacement Support

In 2017, we launched a bilingual career management portal to reduce the average length of an employee transition, minimize the emotional impact, and equip users with the skills to manage their careers.

The portal features a twist on standard tools such as resume development and interview preparation; but what makes it truly unique is how we have incorporated  neuromanagement expertise to help individuals manage the emotional impact of their transition. When we help people effectively deal with the emotional component of their transition they’re able to move on faster, which makes them more effective in their job search.

Local Expertise, Global Reach

Career Star Group is Optimum Talent’s trusted partner for international Outplacement and Career Transition  services. It’s a globally connected organization with over 1,000 delivery locations in 79 countries. Each year, Career Star Group provides outplacement and leadership coaching to over 7,000 organizations and 100,000 individuals.

Through our strategic partnership with the Career Star Group, Optimum Talent can consistently execute global outplacement and leadership coaching projects with the same standard of excellence that we deliver nationally.

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