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Optimum Talks Blog

Proud To Be Canadian

by Kim Hirsch
July 1, 2018

In honour of Canada Day, I wanted to share some quick thoughts on why it is awesome working for a Canadian company. So, in no particular order here they are:

We understand Canadian businesses: In Canada, our culture is different. We have our own style of interacting and communicating with one another, an appreciation for diversity, a unique sense of humour and quite frankly, we’re pretty nice people that have a high regard for respect, loyalty and politeness. Being Canadian ourselves, we understand how these cultural nuances impact both people and organizations.

We are bilingual: With offices from coast-to-coast and a strong presence in Quebec, we can proudly say that we support our clients in our two official languages. Whether it is coaching, executive search or career transition, we have colleagues that can speak, write, and deliver on entire engagements in French, English or both!

We know local. From Vancouver to Halifax, Calgary to Montreal, we have colleagues living and working in all of Canada’s major cities and beyond. Many of our team members are born and raised in the city that they currently work in or have called it home for several years. This hometown advantage means that they understand the local business community, have a pulse on current trends and events, have long-standing connections and networks, and truly care about what goes on in their own backyard.

We believe in the value of community: Whether it is supporting our own team, our clients, our candidates or the communities in which we live, making the world a better place for everyone around us is our top priority. Our colleagues practice this value professionally, and in their lives outside of work. When reading the biographies of my teammates, I am continually amazed by, and proud of, the number of board members we have and the charity and volunteer efforts that our team is involved with.

We are truly lucky to call Canada our home and are honoured to continue working with exceptional organizations across this great country! Happy Canada Day!

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