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Team Member

Jocelyn Bérard

Known as a thought leader, Jocelyn brings expert guidance to our clients, delivers exceptional work, and is a mobilizing leader for our team. Jocelyn is never satisfied with the status quo, and his commitment to developing creative solutions shines through his thoughtful approach to problem solving.

Jocelyn’s activities at Optimum focus on Talent Management, especially in the areas of leadership assessment and development, performance management, succession management and selection best practices. Within his role, Jocelyn has contributed extensively to cultivating the level of quality that sets our firm apart in its field. Jocelyn designs and delivers solutions for leadership development, coaching and succession management for executive leaders, and has comprehensive experience and expertise in using psychometric assessment with executive leaders for development purposes. With his clients, he has focused on executive team performance, helping some of the nation’s top Chief Executives improve and develop their own teams for success.

Prior to joining Optimum in the spring of 2015, Jocelyn developed extensive Canadian and international experience in the areas of human resources and business management in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia, in a variety of industries such as telecommunications, auto manufacturing, health care, retail, aerospace and banking. He has almost twenty years of volunteer experience with school boards in Canada, where he has helped to increase parental involvement and economic impact.

Fluently bilingual in French and English, Jocelyn holds undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Human Resources, a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and an Executive MBA.  His book, Accelerating Leadership Development, was published by Wiley and focuses on leadership assessment, leadership development and succession management. As a thought leader in his sphere, Jocelyn is regularly asked to present at various conferences and symposiums across Canada on the subject of executive leadership performance and development.

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