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Team Member

Jessica Londei-Shortall

Jessica is a member of our Leadership, Development and Assessment Team, where she focuses on individual evaluations for selection and development purposes, team interventions and the development of other solutions for organizations of various sizes.

A French-English bilingual practically from birth, Jessica also has a functional knowledge of Spanish (and Excel). She loves analyzing and playing with data to better understand human behavior, whether it be for individual SuccessFinder debriefs or team interventions. She enjoys collaborating with others to bring clients optimal solutions to their organizational and individual needs.

Jessica is currently completing her Ph.D. in organizational development at Université de Montréal with her thesis on job crafting, or the elements employees can modify to feel more satisfied and productive in their jobs. She hopes to apply this knowledge not only to her clients, but also to her colleagues and herself.

Jessica enjoys giving back to the community and is particularly invested in youth homelessness. She regularly volunteers as a van driver for Dans La Rue, a Montreal-based organization supporting this cause.

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