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Team Member

Chantel Butt

Chantel is a certified executive coach and strategic change leader. She is ACC certified through the International Coaching Federation, and she completed her Certified Executive Coach (CEC) certification through Royal Roads University.  She is one of the first 500 global leaders to receive the Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) designation through the Association of Change Management Professionals, demonstrating her depth and breadth of organizational change leadership.

Chantel’s personal purpose is to create spaces where professionals can learn and grow within the dynamic systems they live and work in.  For the past 20 years, Chantel has worked within different industries and work functions at multiple levels of leadership.  She leverages this practical experience along with her love of systems thinking, analytics, neuroscience/psychology, and organizational behaviour to create a practical coaching approach that prepares leaders to tackle complexity and take advantage of opportunity within the professional environment.

Chantel’s approachable and accountable style is also present when she facilitates to groups and organizations.  She has spoken at several global conferences over the past 10 years on the benefits of engaging employees early within acquisitions, mergers, and divestitures; creating innovative behaviours within daily work practices; and building critical relationships to ensure enterprise changes are successful.  Chantel is passionate about mental health awareness, and she was candid about her own mental health while being interviewed by the Canadian Mental Health Association for training videos on the importance of a leader’s role in employee mental health.

Chantel loves to facilitate courses to teach adults how to use the most amazing supercomputer known… your brain!  Chantel always has a fun brain fact at hand that will surprise you and teach you how to use your own personal “super computer”.

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