Career Transition:

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Get Support With:
  • Career planning and assessment
  • Resume development and optimization
  • Creating your professional online profile
  • Networking training and events
  • Interview preparation

Vision & Values

Optimum Talent enables organizations to achieve success through people. We collaborate with leading organizations to recruit, develop, engage, retain, and transition talent. The result for our clients is a stronger employer brand, and a team of leaders and talent with the capability to achieve their business goals.

With origins dating back over 40 years, Optimum Talent has become Canada’s largest, privately-owned and operated integrated talent management firm. We have 260 colleagues in 13 offices across Canada, providing expertise in Leadership, Assessment and DevelopmentCareer Transition and Outplacement, and Executive Search.

Through strategic partnership with the Career Star Group we can execute global outplacement and leadership coaching projects with the same standard of excellence that we deliver nationally.


At Optimum Talent, we like to think that we’re pretty good people. Our clients share stories about how we’ve demonstrated integrity, professionalism, and honesty. But when it comes right down to it, what differentiates us is how we engage with our clients, candidates, colleagues, and communities. So we landed on that single core value: “Engage.” It’s not the word itself that is important, but rather the descriptor that we put around it.


“We engage with our clients, candidates, colleagues, and
communities to create a lasting and positive impact.”


  • Our statement starts with “We,” and that means all of us, as a team.
  • We refer to all of our important stakeholders: clients, candidates, colleagues, and communities.
  • We use the word “lasting” because we are in it for the long-term, not just one transaction. And “positive” means our actions are for the good.
  • And if you think about what it takes to create something that is truly “lasting and positive”… it means our interactions and work, must be exceptional.
  • This is who we are and that’s what sets us apart.