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6 Things You Need to Know About Career Transition

by Optimum Talent
April 15, 2021

With continued uncertainty around the pandemic and its lasting economic impact, organizations are having to make difficult decisions to downsize and reshape their workforce. And while this is never an easy process, it can be made better for both parties by working with an expert in career transition. Here we’ve answered some of the most common questions about career transition services:


1.Why do organizations offer transition services?

Organizations care about the talent on their team and in most circumstances, it is a very difficult decision to dismiss individuals. Often, the employees have been with the organization for several years, developed strong internal relationships, and performed well within their roles. By offering departing employees career transition services organizations can achieve several objectives such as:

  • Treating the departing individual with dignity and respect as well as increasing their chances of landing a new role at a faster rate.
  • Protecting their employer brand and mitigating legal risk.
  • Maintaining productivity and engagement of remaining team members.

2. What are the benefits of transition services?

The great thing about career transition is that it benefits both the organization and the departing employees. In addition to the reasons listed above, by partnering with a career transition provider you gain support before, during, and after a restructuring announcement that can include reviewing roles, planning, determining timelines and location logistics, and preparing/delivering talking points. This helps support your HR team and business leaders through these difficult times and can ease stress and anxiety.

3. What level of employee should receive transition services?

All employees should be offered support, no matter their level or role. However, we recognize that everyone is at a different stage in their career and has varying needs which is why we offer a wide range of transition options. From entry-level to executives, organizations can choose from a range of packages that work best for them and their team. In addition, we offer the Thrive Career Wellness platform, an affordable online solution that gives terminated employees the flexibility to customize the services they choose to receive.

4. How do you support those later in their careers that may be ready for retirement?

Using many of the same resources that are available to individuals who will be seeking another job, we offer services that are focused on supporting the transition into retirement. This includes financial planning, lifestyle assessment, and exploring the possibility of pursuing other opportunities such as board positions, contract roles, part-time roles, and/or volunteering.

5. Does using a career transition service guarantee someone will find a new job?

Career transition services are different from those of a recruiter. While career coaches don’t actively source positions and promote someone’s resume, they do significantly increase an individual’s chance of finding a new role. By helping departing employees effectively deal with the emotional impact of job loss and coaching them through the job application and search process they better position these individuals for success. In addition to one-to-one coaching and group workshops, job seekers get access to our online career management portal that provides personalized job alerts, a career assessment, interview prep tools, company research, networking tools, and more. All these components help ensure faster landing times for job seekers.

6. Are all career transition services the same?

The short answer is no. Workforce transformation is no longer an event but an ongoing process in response to shifting local and global markets. Being an integrated talent management firm, we have the solutions to support from recruiting to transitioning and everything in between. We work with organizations on matters such as career management, leadership development, and upskilling/reskilling members of a workforce for redeployment. When it comes to career transition, we offer traditional services to support a wide range of employees, high-touch personalized packages for executives, and a modern and flexible approach through the Thrive Career Wellness Platform.

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