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Considered by many to be one of the world’s finest career assessment tools, SuccessFinder was built with over 30 years of research to predict the likelihood for an individual to have exceptional performance in a specific role. A pioneer in talent and success metrics, the system is underpinned with statistical validation with over 40,000 individuals.


  • You can predict in advance the future performance of an employee/candidate in a specific job
  • You can identify the best talents for all your succession planning needs
  • You can personalize talent development programs by employee
  • You can interpret and deliver the SuccessFinder test results internally by certifying individuals within your organization
  • Results are more extensive and precise than any other assessment test


Extensive assessment services to:

  • Optimize alignment of people and roles
  • Assist with development needs and solutions
  • Improve recruiting and retention
  • Provide a better career path and help the succession planning process

Training to certify practitioners

  • Individuals within your organization
  • Independent career consultants and coaches
  • Suite of reporting tools for organizational initiatives

  • The Complete Team
  • The Complete Leader
  • The Complete Strategist
  • The Complete Innovator
  • The Complete Communicator
  • 360˚ Behavioural Feedback

SuccessFinder provides efficient and objective means of self-understanding with clear and concise language describing career interests and styles, showing differentiated strengths, and addressing developmental opportunities.


SuccessFinder has been used worldwide by some of the largest and well known global corporations. The system has been used by companies in China, Israel, United States, France, Italy, Thailand, Russia, U.K. and Germany.

  • Available in English, French, Chinese, Italian, Thai and Russian.
  • Proven to be valid against an international sample of successful managers and executives