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HR Policies / Procedures

Optimum Talent knows the important role of consistent and clear policies in guiding organizational decision making. This requires that they be reviewed regularly.

Our experts hold the expertise and knowledge in the audit or implementation of HR policies, ensuring they are in line and current with the market and that their number is kept to a minimum. In fact, only required policies are included in our reviews.

360 Reviews

360 Reviews are valuable processes that capture employee performance from a variety of individuals who work with the employee. We feel confidentiality is necessary to ensure success.

Our experts develop the entire process in consultation with the client and set agreed upon questions and a 360 process to measure actual performance. We also recommend suggested participants for the process including management, peers, reporting staff, or other stakeholders/customers. Once approved, the 360 review is conducted confidentially by our firm. A report of summarized findings is submitted to the employee and management, ensuring confidentiality of participants’ feedback. We also create developmental plans from the overall feedback.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing employees with the potential to fill leadership roles within the organization. It increases the availability of experienced, capable and “ready” employees that are prepared to assume these roles as they become available.

Effective succession planning prepares an organization with a pool of employees who are able to move up and down the organization’s pipeline. We can develop a succession plan that will assist your organization in identifying permanent and temporary successors in senior and key leadership roles in the organization. We will design action plans to close identified gaps through training, recruitment and re-organization.


Our experts are masters at conducting value-added employee feedback sessions. Our focus groups capture qualitative data that get to the heart of employee issues such as advancement opportunities, benefits, company culture, individual recognition, and pay.

Meeting senior executives to determine the perceived culture along with meeting employees for an overview of their issues is key to bring impartial and forthright recommendations back to organizations. The feedback provided help solve issues, enhance employee development and increase employee motivation.